calcul englanniksi   calculus fr, sum fr, calculation fr, computation fr, stone fr


: lambda calculus

: predicate calculus

: renal calculus ( = kidney stone)

: The sum of 3 and 4 is 7.

*: Take ye the sum of all the congregation.

: Were learning about division, and the sums are tricky.

*: a large sheet of paper ... covered with long sums

: a tidy sum

: the sum of forty pounds

*: With a great sum obtained I this freedom.

: This is the sum of all the evidence in the case.

: This is the sum and substance of his objections.

*: Thus have I told thee all my state, and brought / My story to the sum of earthly bliss.

*: The sum is also used for the quarter, and the strike for the bushel.

*: when you say that stability and change are, its because youre summing them up together as embraced by it, and taking note of the communion each of them has with being.

: By my calculation, we should be there by midnight.

*: inestimable stones, unvalued jewels

: ux|en|a peach stone

: ux|en|kidney stone

: color panel|8A807C

*: Should some relenting eye / Glance on the stone where our cold relics lie.

: rfquotek|Gray

*: Lend me a looking-glass; / If that her breath will mist or stain the stone, / Why, then she lives.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: She got stoned to death after they found her.

: stone walls

: stone pot

: She is one stone fox.

: stone butch; stone femme

: My father is stone deaf. This soup is stone cold.

: I went stone crazy after she left.

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