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*: An doesnt ter know? Cunt! Its thee down theer; an what I get when Im iside thee, and what tha gets when Im iside thee; its a as it is, all ont.

*: Ah! This power-house of human misery and ecstasy, the cunt!

*: Blind boys grope out of huge pies, deteriorated schizophrenics pop from a rubber cunt, boys with horrible skin diseases rise from a black pond (sluggish fish nibble yellow turds on the surface).

*: Then there is a drum roll, and I watch open-mouthed as she bends over and produces a string of red cloths from her femininity. "What better way to celebrate 10 years of Camberwell Arts Week than pulling 10 red handkerchiefs out of my cunt?" she asks.

*: He rails against political correctness and health and safety regulations, and earlier this summer was accused of calling Gordon Brown "a cunt" in unbroadcast comments to his Top Gear audience, whom he has also referred to as "oafs".

: Fix the car? I’ll sort the cunt out at the weekend.

: I had a real cunt of a day. It was a cunt of an experience getting through it.

: I’m going to hit the clubs and see if I can get me some cunt.

: Yes, I do remember Dave, he was one funny cunt.

: Toms a good cunt, he fixed my car and didnt even charge me for it!

*: Mammals need two genes to make the taste receptor for sugar. Studies in various cats (tigers, cheetahs and domestic cats) showed that one of these genes has mutated and no longer works.

*: At twilight in the summer there is never anybody to fear—man, woman, or cat—in the chambers and at that hour the mice come out. They do not eat parchment or foolscap or red tape, but they eat the luncheon crumbs.

*: She missed the fish diet of her own country, and twice every summer she sent the boys to the river, twenty miles to the southward, to fish for channel cat.

*: I turn on the radio / Theres some cat on the saxophone / Laying down a litany of excuses

*: ...he whipped a black man for disobedience of his orders fifty lashes; and again whipped him with a cat, which he wound with wire, about the same number of stripes;...he used this cat on one other man, and then destroyed the cat wound with wire.

*: "What the hell, so this broads got a prematurely-gray cat."

*: As she came up, she tried to put her cat in his face for some licking.

*: I had a notion to walk over to her, rip her apron off, sling her housecoat open and put my finger inside her cat to see if she was wet or freshly fucked because the dream I had earlier was beginning to really annoy me.

: The weather was cat, so they returned home early.

: a carriers bow cats

: w|Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother

*: Despite ones opinion of [[w:Sylvia Rivera|Sylvia]] I can attest to the purity of her intent and dedication, and, no one will dare deny she is one gutsy queen.

*: Prices for the two main types of Spanish style green olives - manzanillas and queens - vary according to the size of the crop of each. In some years queens will be more expensive than manzanillas ...

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: Try Queening him. Have him lie on his back while you sit on his face (make sure he has an airway through either his mouth or his nose).

*: ...not Eloise, sat queening him. He couldnt wait to tip her velvet. He wanted to come, but not here, with these three. It was time to extract himself.

*: She saw his pink tongue flickering on Clares exposed nympha as she queened him, her love juices shining on his chin and throat...

*: Arnold Rimmer: What are we gonna do?

*: Dave Lister: Well, I say lets get out there and twat it!

*: "Umbridgell twat him into next week."

*: "Id love to twat her over the head with this. What dya reckon?"

*: "Shed certainly bleed a lot."

*: Thats the only time I have been twatted by someone.

*: And although, as someone recently said to me, they are not "designer" (she had expected my pussies to be expensive, with a pedigree), to me my cats are the most beautiful in the world.

*: If Lloyd George’s endearments to mistress Frances Stevenson – “My darling Pussy. You might phone… on Friday if you can come. Don’t let Hankey see you” – had been made similarly public, would he have maintained his own reputation as a towering statesman?

: You have a lovely pussy!

: I’m gonna get me some pussy tonight.

: You are such a pussy!

*: I couldnt carry the burden of shame engendered by the bully-boy advertising of "max-strength" cold and flu remedies, the obvious subtext of which is "Get to work, you pussy."

*: a brown beaver slouched over his eyes

: color panel|9F8170

*: With trembling hands her beaver he untied, / Which done, he saw, and seeing knew her face.

*: Without alighting from his horse, the conqueror called for a bowl of wine, and opening the beaver, or lower part of his helmet, announced that he quaffed it, “To all true English hearts, and to the confusion of foreign tyrants.”

*: As each one brings a little of himself to what he sees you brought the trappings of your historic preoccupations, so that Monsieur flattered you by presenting himself with beaver up like Hamlets fathers ghost!

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