cheville englanniksi   peg fr, ankle fr, dowel fr, linchpin fr


: Hang your coat on the peg and come in.

: a peg to hang a claim upon

*: This over, the club will be visited for a "peg," Anglice drink.

*: "Now Im cleaned up for thee: thas no casions ter stir a peg all day, but sit and read thy books."

*: O, you are well tuned now!

*: But Ill set down the pegs that make this music,

*: As honest as I am.

*: to screw papal authority to the highest peg

*: We still have worsted all your holy tricks; / Trepannd your party with intrigue, / And took your grandees down a peg...

: Lets peg the rug to the floor.

: I found a tack and pegged your picture to the bulletin board.

: She lunged forward and pegged him to the wall.

: Chinas currency is no longer pegged to the American dollar.

: Hes been pegged as a suspect.

: I pegged his weight at 165.

: She pegged twelve points.

: We pegged the speedometer across the flats.

: A cooper dowels pieces for the head of a cask.Webster 1913

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