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: Make sure to chew thoroughly, and dont talk with your mouth full!

: The steak was tough to chew as it had been cooked too long.

: He keep his feed in steel drums to prevent the mice from chewing holes in the feed-sacks.

: The harsh desert wind and sand had chewed the stump into ragged strips of wood.

: The professor stood at the blackboard, chalk in hand, and chewed the question the student had asked.

*: Old politicians chew wisdom past.

*: He chews revenge, abjuring his offense.

: Phillip purchased a bag of licorice chews at the drugstore.

: The school had banned chew and smokes from the school grounds, even for adults.

: The ballplayers sat on the bench watching the rain, glumly working their chews.

: The first time he chewed tobacco, he swallowed his chew and got extremely sick.

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