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*: In laughing, there ever procedeth a conceit of somewhat ridiculous.

*: a man wise in his own conceit

: a man of quick conceit

*: How often, alas! did her eyes say unto me that they loved! and yet I, not looking for such a matter, had not my conceit open to understand them.

*: His wits as thick as Tewksbury mustard; there is no more conceit in him than is in a mallet.

*: By him that me boughte, than quod Dysdayne, / I wonder sore he is in suche cenceyte.

*: On his way to the gibbet, a freak took him in the head to go off with a conceit.

*: Some to conceit alone their works confine, / And glittering thoughts struck out at every line.

*: Tasso is full of conceits ... which are not only below the dignity of heroic verse but contrary to its nature.

*: Plumed with conceit he calls aloud.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: Those whose ... vulgar apprehensions conceit but low of matrimonial purposes.

*: The strong, by conceiting themselves weak, are therebly rendered as inactive ... as if they really were so.

*: One of two bad ways you must conceit me, / Either a coward or a flatterer.

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