congeler englanniksi   freeze fr, ice fr


*: Ever thicker, thicker, thicker / Froze the ice on lake and river,

*: He got to Dawson before the river froze, and now I suppose I wont hear any more until spring.

*: Running water does not freeze as easily as still water.

: Dont freeze meat twice.

*: Freeze the wizard in his vessel, / Freeze to ice the wicked Ahti, ...

: It didnt freeze this winter, but last winter was very harsh.

: Its freezing in here!

: Dont go outside wearing just a t-shirt; youll freeze!

:Since the last update, the program freezes / freezes up after a few minutes of use.

: Despite all of the rehearsals, I froze up as soon as I got on stage.

*: As Tarzan rose upon the body of his kill to scream forth his hideous victory cry into the face of the moon the wind carried to his nostrils something which froze him to statuesque immobility and silence.

*: They froze on their knees, their faces turned upward with a ghastly blue hue in the sudden glare of a weird light that burst blindingly up near the lofty roof and then burned with a throbbing glow.

: Over time, he froze towards her, and ceased to react to her friendly advances.

*: The other side to this sunny gladness of natural love is his pity for their sufferings when their own mothers heart seems to freeze towards them.

*: His friends begin to freeze towards him, the pillars of society cut him publicly, his clients cool off, big business deals no longer come his way, he is increasingly conscious of social ostracism and the puzzled misgivings of his wife.

*: If you cheat them, they dont say anything but after that they freeze towards you.

*: A faint, cold fear runs through my veins, / That almost freezes up the heat of life.

: The court froze the criminals bank account

*: In order to work properly, the cotton stripper required that the plant be brown and brittle, as happened after a freeze, so that the cotton bolls could snap off easily.

*: Without a freeze it might be possible to proceed with the production and deployment of such destabilizing systems as the MX, Trident II, cruise missiles and SS-18s, -19s and -20s.

*: Critics may oppose the nuclear freeze for what they regard as moral reasons.

*: Many of our opponents in Congress are advocating a freeze in Federal spending and an increase in taxes.

*: The reason I said the guard wasnt the toughest shot in curling is because, in my book, thats a shot called the freeze. A stone thrown as a freeze comes perfectly to rest directly in front of another stone, without moving it (see Figure 10-5).

*: It has always been difficult to explain how ice is formed on the surface of oceans while the temperature of maximum density is lower than that of cogelation, and the observations on this lake were instituted in the hope that they might throw light upon the subject.

*: The neighbouring countries have enjoyed many great battles on the ice. They last met for gold at the 1998 world championship, won by Sweden. Three years earlier, Finland bested Sweden for the only world title in its history.

: Milton Keynes have yet to ice a team this season

: If the Bruins ice the puck, the faceoff will be in their own zone.

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