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: The crux of her argument was that the roadways needed repair before anything else could be accomplished.

*: The mad certitude of the ogre, Abel Tiffauges, that he stands at the crux of history and that he will be able to raise Prussia "to a higher power" (p. 180), contrasts sharply with the anxiety and doubt attendant upon most modern literary dreams.

: rfquotek|Dr. Sheridan

: The perpetual crux of New Testament chronologists. — Strauss.

*: the real crux of the climb was encountered

*: The final half-mile was the crux of the climb.

*: Most pitches have a distinct crux, or tough spot; some have multiple cruxes. ... ¶ Climb efficiently on the "cruiser" sections to stay fresh for the cruxes.

*: Continue climbing the groove; the crux is passing some vegetation on the second pitch.

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