défaut englanniksi   shortage fr, defect fr, default fr, shortcoming fr, flaw fr, lack fr, hitch fr


: a defect in the ear or eye; a defect in timber or iron; a defect of memory or judgment

*: Among boys little tenderness is shown to personal defects.

*: Errors have been corrected, and defects supplied.

*: Capitalizing on the restive mood, Mr. Farage, the U.K. Independence Party leader, took out an advertisement in The Daily Telegraph this week inviting unhappy Tories to defect. In it Mr. Farage sniped that the Cameron government — made up disproportionately of career politicians who graduated from Eton and Oxbridge — was “run by a bunch of college kids, none of whom have ever had a proper job in their lives.”

*: Cite news|url=http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/16/world/asia/kim-ryen-hi-north-korean-defector-regret.html|title=A North Korean Defector’s Regret|author=Choe Sang-Hun|work=The New York Times|date=15 August 2015|accessdate=20 September 2015:
"Passing through Thailand, she submitted a handwritten statement agreeing to defect, a requirement for North Korean refugees to be allowed to enter the South."

: He failed to make payments on time and is now in default.

: You may cure this default by paying the full amount within a week.

: The teams three losses include one default.

: The man became the leader of the group as a default.

: If you dont specify a number of items, the default is 1.

: This evil has happened through the governors default.

*: And pardon craved for his so rash default.

*: regardless of our merit or default

: If you do not make your payments, you will default on your loan.

: If you refuse to wear a proper uniform, you will not be allowed to compete and will default this match.

: If you dont specify a number of items, it defaults to 1.

*: They were behind twice, first to James Morrisons 11th-minute strike and then Kenny Millers effort early in the second half. England responded with goals of their own from Theo Walcott and Daniel Welbeck and, on the balance of play, probably deserved the victory. On the flip-side, they could conceivably have lost because of their various shortcomings in defence. They also have a goalkeeper, Joe Hart, who is a danger to his own team on nights like these.

: There is a flaw in that knife.

: That vase has a flaw.

*: This heart / Shall break into a hundred thousand flaws.

*: Has not this also its flaws and its dark side?

: a flaw in a will, in a deed, or in a statute

*: Snow, and hail, and stormy gust and flaw.

*: Like flaws in summer laying lusty corn.

*: And deluges of armies from the town / Came pouring in; I heard the mighty flaw.

*: Let his lack of years be no impediment.

*: I went to a shrink, to analyze my dreams. He said its lack of sex thats bringing me down.

: My life lacks excitement.

: Hell never lack for company while hes got all that money.

*: What hour now? I think it lacks of twelve.

*: The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger.

*: That is Mede þe Mayde quod she · hath noyed me ful oft / And ylakked my lemman.

*: As patches set upon a little breach / Discredit more in hiding of the fault.

: No!. This is my fault, not yours

: For all her faults, shes a good person at heart.

: The fault lies with you.

: slate fault, dirt fault, etc.

: rfquotek|Raymond

*: one, it pleases me, for fault of a better, to call my friend

*: Ceasing their clamorous cry till they have singled, / With much ado, the cold fault clearly out.

*: For that I will not fault thee / But for humbleness exalt thee.

*: When a page is read in, a few pages surrounding the faulted page are typically loaded as well in the same I/O operation in an effort to head off future page faults.

: His truck sported a heavy-duty hitch for his boat.

: The banquet went off without a hitch. ("the banquet went smoothly.")

: The deal sounds too good to be true. Whats the hitch?

: She served two hitches in Vietnam.


:: Stephen J. Hedges & Mike Dorning, Chicago Tribune; Orlando Sentinel; Jun 3, 2004; pg. A.1;

: ux|en|She hitched her jeans up and then tightened her belt.

: ux|en|He hitched the bedroll to his backpack and went camping.

: ux|en|to hitch a ride

*: atoms...which at length hitched together

*: Slides into verse, and hitches in a rhyme.

*: To ease themselves ... by hitching into another place.

: rfquotek|Halliwell

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