défenestrer englanniksi   defenestrate fr


*: I defenestrated a clock to see if time flies!

*: The cultural historians of science feel the need to defenestrate science, or at least take it off its pedestal (Pumfrey. Rossi & Slawinski 1991. p. 3).

*: Ever since he helped to defenestrate Richard Nixon in 1974, Mr Woodward has been a sort of super-reporter ...

*: According to the guidebooks, they do it so strenuously that women would very much like to defenestrate the custom.

*:: This posting was written on a Windows 95 PC,

*: Defenestrate it immediately. Install Linux. :-)

*: ? Enable one-click uninstalls of unwanted OS and application features with a Defenestrate icon.

*: Now of course people who want freedom shouldnt use Windows at all, youve got to defenestrate your computer, which mean either you throw Windows out of the computer, or you throw the computer out the window.

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