défi englanniksi   defiance fr, dare fr, challenge fr, affront fr


: ux|en|I wouldnt dare argue with my boss.

*: The fellow dares not deceive me.

*: Why then did not the ministers use their new law? Because they durst not, because they could not.

: ux|en|I dare you to kiss that girl.

: Will you dare death to reach your goal?

*: To wrest it from barbarism, to dare its solitudes.

*: For I have done those follies, those mad mischiefs, / Would dare a woman.

: rfquotek|Nares

*: It lends a lustre ... / A large dare to our great enterprise.

*: Childish, unworthy dares / Are not enought to part our powers.

*: Sextus Pompeius / Hath given the dare to Caesar.

*: ‘Sir, here bene knyghtes com of kyngis blod that woll nat longe droupe and dare within thys wallys.’

*: The Dare is not unlike a Chub, but proportionably less; his Body is more white and flatter, and his Tail more forked.Webster 1913

: ux|en|a challenge to the kings authority

: ux|en|Consanguinity in direct line is a challenge for a judge when he or she is sitting cases.

: ux|en|Were still waiting to hear how the court rules on our challenge of the arbitrator based on conflict of interest.

: ux|en|We challenged the boys next door to a game of football.

*: By this I challenge him to single fight.

*: I challenge any man to make any pretence to power by right of fatherhood.

: ux|en|to challenge the accuracy of a statement or of a quotation

*: Challenge better terms.

*: He complained of the emperor...and challenged them for that he had no greater revenues...from them.

: ux|en|The sentinel challenged us with "Who goes there?"

*: How can anyone imagine that the fathers would have dared to affront the wife of Aurelius?

: to affront death

*: Avignon was beginning to settle down for the night – that long painful stretch of time which must somehow be affronted.

*: All the sea-coasts do affront the Levant.

*: That he, as twere by accident, may here / Affront Ophelia.

: Such behavior is an affront to society.

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