dare englanniksi   dare en, fool sv, goof sv, madman sv


: ux|en|I wouldnt dare argue with my boss.

*: The fellow dares not deceive me.

*: Why then did not the ministers use their new law? Because they durst not, because they could not.

: ux|en|I dare you to kiss that girl.

: Will you dare death to reach your goal?

*: To wrest it from barbarism, to dare its solitudes.

*: For I have done those follies, those mad mischiefs, / Would dare a woman.

: rfquotek|Nares

*: It lends a lustre ... / A large dare to our great enterprise.

*: Childish, unworthy dares / Are not enought to part our powers.

*: Sextus Pompeius / Hath given the dare to Caesar.

*: ‘Sir, here bene knyghtes com of kyngis blod that woll nat longe droupe and dare within thys wallys.’

*: The Dare is not unlike a Chub, but proportionably less; his Body is more white and flatter, and his Tail more forked.Webster 1913

: You were a fool to cross that busy road without looking.

: The village fool threw his own shoes down the well.

*: Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.

*: Can they think me ... their fool or jester?

*: Im a fool for the city.

: an apricot fool; a gooseberry fool

*: Is this a time for fooling?

: I made a goof in that last calculation.

: Your little brother is a total goof.

: Its my fault: I goofed.

: We were just goofing by painting the neighbors cat green.

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