detalji englanniksi   detail fi


: ux|en|Note this fine detail in the lower left corner.

: ux|en|We missed several important details in the contract.

: ux|en|This etching is full of fine detail.

: ux|en|I dont concern myself with the details of accounting.

: ux|en|The arresting officer asked the suspect for his details.

: Ill detail the exact procedure to you later.

*: It is a sunny morning in Amman and the three uniformed judges in Jordan’s state security court are briskly working their way through a pile of slim grey folders on the bench before them. Each details the charges against 25 or so defendants accused of supporting the fighters of the Islamic State (Isis), now rampaging across Syria and Iraq under their sinister black banners and sending nervous jitters across the Arab world.

: We need to have the minivan detailed.

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