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: ux|en|After a four-hour debate, the committee voted to table the motion.

: ux|en|The debate over the age of the universe is thousands of years old.

: ux|en|There was a bit of a debate over who should pay for the damaged fence.

: ux|en|There has been considerable debate concerning exactly how to format these articles.

*: a wise council ... that did debate this business

*: Debate thy cause with thy neighbour himself.

*: He presents that great soul debating upon the subject of life and death with his intimate friends.

*: Well knew they both his person, sith of late / With him in bloudie armes they rashly did debate.

*: Volunteers ... thronged to serve under his banner, and the cause of religion was debated with the same ardour in Spain as on the plains of Palestine.

: There was then a long discussion of whether to capitalize words like "east".

: This topic is not open to discussion.

: Under each heading, you will find a discussion section.

: There was then a long discussion of whether to capitalize words like "east".

: This topic is not open to discussion.

: Under each heading, you will find a discussion section.

: ux|en|We need to have a talk about your homework.

: ux|en|Theres a talk about Shakespeare on tonight.

: ux|en|She is the talk of the day.   The musical is the talk of the town.

: ux|en|The party leaders speech was all talk.

: The leaders of the G8 nations are currently in talks over nuclear weapons.

*: I will buy with you, sell with you, talk with you, walk with you, and so following, but I will not eat with you.

: ux|en|Although I dont speak Chinese I managed to talk with the villagers using signs and gestures.

: ux|en|They sat down to talk business.   We talk French sometimes.

: ux|en|They sat down to talk business.   Were not talking rocket science here: it should be easy.

: ux|en|Suppose he talks?   She can be relied upon not to talk.   They tried to make me talk.

: ux|en|I am not the one to talk.   She is a fine one to talk.   You should talk.   Look whos talking.

: ux|en|People will talk.   Arent you afraid the neighbours will talk?

: She chatted with her friend in the cafe.

: I like to chat over a coffee with a friend.

: I met my old friend in the street, so we chatted for a while.

: They chatted politics for a while.

: Do you want to chat online later?

: The Chat just made a joke about my skills.

*: Frank had been looking at calcite crystals for a while now [...] among the chats or zinc tailings of the Lake County mines, down here in the silver lodes of the Vita Madre and so forth.

*: Do officers have chats, then, the same as us?

*: Not the same, no. The chats they got is bigger and better, with pips on their shoulders and Sam Browne belts.

*: May a thousand chats from Belgium crawl under their fingers as they write.

*: Trench foot was a nasty and potentially fatal foot disease commonly caused by these conditions, in which chats or body lice were the bane of all.

*: Two or three of the gentlemen sat near him, and I caught at times scraps of their conversation across the room. At first I could not make much sense of what I heard; for the discourse of Louisa Eshton and Mary Ingram, who sat nearer to me, confused the fragmentary sentences that reached me at intervals.

: The preacher gave us a long discourse on duty.

*: difficult, strange, and harsh to the discourses of natural reason

*: Sure he that made us with such large discourse, / Looking before and after, gave us not / That capability and godlike reason / To rust in us unused.

*: Furthermore, it should be recalled from the previous chapter that criminological discourse of the 1930s deemed every woman a potential criminal, implicitly including the domestic woman.

*: But equally important to the emergence of uniquely African-American queer discourses is the refusal of African-American movements for liberation to address adequately issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.

*: Good Captain Bessus, tell us the discourse / Betwixt Tigranes and our king, and how / We got the victory.

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