domaine englanniksi   lordship fr, farm fr, estate fr, realm fr, domain fr


*: For example, we know that Alfred did connect land tenure with lordship and that he was particularly interested in questions of military service...

*: Lordship entails both privilege and responsibility. Lords have power over their subjects, but that power is granted them so that they can protect and provide for others.

: ux|en|May I ask that the order be granted, if your lordship so pleases?

*: Hes had his bath, she said. Hes just had his bath, bless his little lordships heart.

*: What lands and lordships for their owner know / My quondam barber, but his worship now.

*: ...for whose ransom he compelled Lord Percy to build the castle of Punnoon, in the lordship of Eaglesham.

*: But Jesus called them to him, and saith unto them, Ye know that they which are accounted to rule over the Gentiles exercise lordship over them; and their great ones exercise authority upon them.

*: If a man be bounden unto 1.s. in 100.l.£ to grant unto him the rent and farme of such a Mill.

*: All..Tythings shall stand at the old Farm, without any Increase.

*: The most usual and customary feorm or rent..must be reserved yearly on such lease.

*: He [the Sheriff] paid into the Exchequer the fixed yearly sum which formed the farm of the shire.

*: The first farm of postal income was made in 1672.

*: They despair of a suppression of the Farm.

*: It is a great willfullnes in any such Land-lord to refuse to make any longer farmes unto their Tennants.

*: Thence the Leases so made were called Feormes or Farmes, which word signifieth Victuals.

*: The words demise, lease, and to farm let, are the proper ones to constitute a lease.

: fuel farm; wind farm; antenna farm

: a render farm; a server farm

: to farm the taxes

*: to farm their subjects and their duties toward these

*: We are enforced to farm our royal realm.

*: When you hit a black pudding with an iron weapon that does at least one point of damage there is a good chance it will divide into two black puddings of the same size (but half the hit points IIRC). ... When eaten black puddings confer several intrinsics so AC [armor class] is not the only potential benefit. ... Since black puddings are formidibleSIC monsters for an inexperienced character, farming is also a good way to die.

*: The practice of gold farming is controversial within gaming communities and violates the end user licensing agreements...

*: when I came to mans estate

*: Mind not high things, but condescend to men of low estate.

*: God hath imprinted his authority in several parts, upon several estates of men.

*: And anone came oute of a chamber to hym the fayrest lady that euer he sawe & more rycher bysene than euer he sawe Quene Gueneuer or ony other estat Lo sayd they syre Bors here is the lady vnto whome we owe alle oure seruyse / and I trowe she be the rychest lady and the fayrest of alle the world

*: Herod on his birthday made a supper to his lords, high captains, and chief estates of Galilee.

*: Shes a duchess, a great estate.

*: I am afraid that some of the nobles who are campaigning for it simply want to use the Estates to cut down the Kings power and increase their own.

*: The three estates of feudal lords, clergy and royal officers met in separate chambers, and exercised an advisory role.

*: I call matters of estate not only the parts of sovereignty, but whatsoever...concerneth manifestly any great portion of people.

*: Why should we despise anything in the realm of Buddha?

*: At home in Moscow, Mikhail Sergeyevitch Gorbachev, who had launched a campaign to rejuvenate the Soviet realm ...

*: One thing more which the scientific man does is to accord primacy to that realm of truth which is primary in importance.

*: And, of this island realm, he and his companion were the undisputed sovereigns.

*: Then seeing his life was threatened he fled the realm and crossed over to Flanders, ...

: The king ruled his domain harshly.

: Dealing with complaints isnt really my domain: get in touch with customer services.

: His domain is English history.

*: Every name in the DNS tree is a domain, even if it is terminal, that is, has no subdomains.

*: A characteristic of a field. A data domain specifies a data type and applies the minimum and maximum values allowed and other constraints.

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