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*: On several occasions, indeed, he did learn E, F, G, H, but by the time he knew them, it was always discovered that he had forgotten A, B, C, and D.

*: In line with this, he is marketed not only as a mental innocent, but as a class primitive, someone who only got an E in A-level art […]

*: My results weren’t that great, to be honest. I weren’t right happy with them; I got an E in Maths and that were a surprise, but I did get a B in Technology – that were all right.

*: Not really, but perhaps I’d have got an ‘E’ in Tech Drawing no matter how much I’d asserted myself. Maybe Mr. Pinkerton would have seen to it that my exam paper was tampered with. A spot of teacher to student revenge.

*: But she didn’t get the bit about my accidental artistic career, “But you can’t draw love. You got an E in your exam. I remember that. You drew that onion that looked like a boil.”

*: X, Y and Z are pronounced big-X, big-Y, and big-Z, or cap-X, cap-Y, and cap-Z, to distinguish them from little x and little y, to be described in a moment.

*: This is the very ecstasy of love.

*: He on the tender grass / Would sit, and hearken even to ecstasy.

*: like a mad prophet in an ecstasy

*: That unmatched form and feature of blown youth / Blasted with ecstasy.

*: Our words will but increase his ecstasy.

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