ehdottaa englanniksi   set forth fi, put forward fi, offer fi, move fi, suggest fi, posit fi, propose fi, float fi, propound fi


: Where any judge falls under any of the challengeable grounds set forth in section 13, the judge may state the grounds to the Court and remove himself from the case concerned.

: Columbus set forth with three small ships.

: The Prime Minister put forward new plans to tackle corruption.

: Dont forget that this Sunday we put the clocks forward an hour.

: ux|en|Whats in his offer?

: ux|en|His offer was $3.50 per share.

: ux|en|His first letter was not a real offer, but an attempt to determine interest.

*: Thou shalt offer every day a bullock for a sin offering for atonement.

*: The next stage is to remove and replace the top part of the right side lip, and offer the lid to the car to ensure all the shapes and gaps are okay.

: ux|en|She offered to help with her homework.

: ux|en|Everybody offered an opinion.

: ux|en|He offered use of his car for the week.  nowrap|He offered his good will for the Councilmans vote.

*: Carried somehow, somewhither, for some reason, on these surging floods, were these travelers,nb.... Even such a boat as the Mount Vernon offered a total deck space so cramped as to leave secrecy or privacy well out of the question, even had the motley and democratic assemblage of passengers been disposed to accord either.

: ux|en|I offered twenty dollars for it.  nowrap|The company is offering a salary of £30,000 a year.

*: The occasion offers, and the youth complies.

*: The opportunity, however, did not offer till next morning, for Phoebe did not come to bed till long after I was gone to sleep.

*: I will not offer at that I cannot master.

*: He would be offering at the shepherds voice.

*: without offering at any other remedy

: ux|en|to offer violence to somebody

: A ship moves rapidly.

: I was sitting on the sofa for a long time, I was too lazy to move.

*: Secondly, When a body is once in motion it will continue to move forever, unless something stops it. When a ball is struck on the surface of the earth, the friction of the earth and the resistance of the air soon stop its motion.

: to move in a matter

: Come on guys, lets move: theres work to do!

: I decided to move to the country for a more peaceful life.

: They moved closer to work to cut down commuting time.

: The rook moved from a8 to a6.

: My opponents counter was moving much quicker round the board than mine.

: The waves moved the boat up and down.

: The horse moves a carriage.

: She moved the queen closer to the centre of the board.

: This song moves me to dance.

*: Minds desirous of revenge were not moved with gold.

*: No female arts his mind could move.

: That book really moved me.

*: When he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them.

: I move to repeal the rule regarding obligatory school uniform.

*: Let me but move one question to your daughter.

*: They are to be blamed alike who move and who decline war upon particular respects.

*: "Sir," seyde Sir Boys, "ye nede nat to meve me of such maters, for well ye wote I woll do what I may to please you."

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: An attorney moved the court to issue a restraining order.

: The district attorney moved for a non-suit.

: A slight move of the tiller, and the boat will go off course.

: He made another move towards becoming a naturalized citizen.

: She always gets spontaneous applause for that one move.

: He can win a [[match]] with that one move.

: The move into my fiancés house took two long days.

: They were pleased about their move to the country.

: I am worried about our bosss move.

: It was a smart move to bring on a tall striker to play against the smaller defenders.

*: Robin van Persie squandered Uniteds best chance late on but otherwise it was a relatively comfortable afternoon for Liverpools new goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, who has yet to concede a Premier League goal since his £9m summer move from Sunderland.

: The best move of the game was when he sacrificed his rook in order to gain better possession.

: Its your move! Roll the dice!

: If you roll a six, you can make two moves.

*: Some ideas ... are suggested to the mind by all the ways of sensation and reflection.

: ux|en|Are you suggesting that I killed my wife?

: ux|en|The name "hamburger" suggests that hamburgers originated from Hamburg.

: ux|en|I’d like to suggest that we go out to lunch.   I’d like to suggest going out to lunch.

: ux|en|The guidebook suggests that we visit the local cathedral, which is apparently beautiful.

*: Knowing that tender youth is soon suggested.

*: some who posit both this cause and besides this the source of movement, which we have got from some as single and from other as twofold.

: ux|en|I propose going to see a film.

: ux|en|to propose an alliance; to propose a question for discussion

: ux|en|He proposed to her last night and she accepted him.

: ux|en|He proposes to set up his own business.

*: I propose to relate, in several volumes, the history of the people of New England.

*: HERO. Good Margaret, run thee to the parlour;

*: There shalt thou find my cousin Beatrice

*: Proposing with the prince and Claudio

*: . . . so weighty was the cup,

*: That being proposd brimful of wine, one scarce could lift it up.

*: whose aime hath beene to make us not good and wittie, but wise and learned; She hath attained her propose.

: The boat floated on the water.

: The oil floated on the vinegar.

: That boat doesn’t float.

: Oil floats on vinegar.

: I’d love to just float downstream.

: I’m not sure where they went... they’re floating around here somewhere.

: Images from my childhood floated through my mind.

: The balloon floated off into the distance.

: The dancer floated gracefully around the stage.

: That’s a daft idea... it’ll never float.

: I floated the idea of free ice-cream on Fridays, but no one was interested.

: The yen floats against the dollar.

: The government floated the pound in January.

: Increased pressure on Thailand’s currency, the baht, in 1997 led to a crisis that forced the government to float the currency.

: Could you float me $50 until payday?

*: He [Mario Moretti Polegato] floated the company on the Milan Stock Exchange last December and sold 29 per cent of its shares, mostly to American investors.

*: As a result of this reverse acquisition, Hurlingham changed its name to Manroy plc and floated shares on the Alternative Investment Market in London.

: It is time to float this horses teeth.

: Attach the float and the weight to the fishing line, above the hook.

: When pouring a new driveway, you can use a two-by-four as a float.

: That float covered in roses is very pretty.

*: As soon as the skies brightened and plum-blossom was out, Paul drove off in the milkmans heavy float up to Willey Farm.

: Our bank does a nightly sweep of accounts, to adjust the float so we stay within our reserves limit.

: 2006, You dont actually need a broker to buy shares in a float when a company is about to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. — [[w:Australian Securities and Investments Commission|Australian Securities and Investments Commission]] financial tips article, Buying shares in a float []

: No sir, your current float is not taken into account, when assets are legally garnished.

: We make a lot of interest from our nightly float.

: That routine should not have used an int; it should be a float.

: Its true - I dont consider anything other than root-beer with vanilla ice-cream to be a "real" float.

: rfquotek|Knight

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

: rfquotek|Mortimer

: rfquotek|Knight

: rfquotek|Simmonds

*: Each school propounds its own theory without having given any thought to whether we are following what they say or getting left behind.

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