empfangen englanniksi   accept de, pick up de, copy de, receive de, conceive de


*: She accepted of a treat.

*: The Lord accept thy burnt sacrifice.

: The Boy Scouts were going to accept him as a member.

: I accept the fact that Christ lived.

: I accept your proposal, amendment, or excuse.

: I accept my punishment.

: to accept the report of a committee

: I accept.

*: Pass our accept and peremptory answer.----

: ux|en|When you pick up the bag, make sure to support the bottom.

: ux|en|Can you pick up a pint of milk on your way home?

*: "I dont want to spoil any comparison you are going to make," said Jim, "but I was at Winchester and New College." ¶ "That will do," said Mackenzie. "I was dragged up at the workhouse school till I was twelve. Then I ran away and sold papers in the streets, and anything else that I could pick up a few coppers by—except steal.nb..."

: ux|en|Arent you going to pick up after yourself?

*: The floor was strewn with bright snips of origami paper, a crumpled drawing, and one dirty sock, which Amy now shoved under the bed with her foot. ¶ "Youre lucky," said Marla. "My mother makes me pick up my room every single day."

: ux|en|Ill pick you up outside the library.

: ux|en|The cops have picked up the man they were looking for.

: ux|en|Prices seem to be picking up again.  I was in bed sick this morning, but Im picking up now.

: ux|en|Lets pick up where we left off yesterday.

*: Picking up eight years after The Dark Knight left off, the film finds Gotham enjoying a tenuous peace based on Harvey Dent’s moral ideals rather than the ugly truth of his demise.

: ux|en|It looks complicated, but youll soon pick it up.

: ux|en|With the new antenna, I can pick up stations all the way from Omaha.

: ux|en|Did you pick up his nervousness?  Did you pick up on his nervousness?

: ux|en|Shes always picking me up on my grammar.

: ux|en|He was in the fabric store not to buy fabric but to pick up women.  She could tell he intended to pick up on her.  nowrap|Did you pick up at the party nowrap|last night?

: ux|en|Im calling him, but he just isnt picking up!

: ux|en|The company will pick up lunch with customers for sales calls.

*: ...they pick me up when Im feeling blue

: Please bring me the copies of those reports.

*: I have not the vanity to think my copy equal to the original.

: That handbag is a copy. You can tell because the buckle is different.

: Submit all copy to the appropriate editor.

: Tim got in trouble for forgetting his maths copy.

: Have you seen the latest copy of "Newsweek" yet?

: The library has several copies of the Bible.

: His virtues are an excellent copy for imitation.

*: Let him first learn to write, after a copy, all the letters.

*: She was blessed with no more copy of wit, but to serve his humour thus.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: ux|en|Please copy these reports for me.

: ux|en|First copy the files, and then paste them in another directory.

: ux|en|Dont copy my dance moves.

: ux|en|Mom, hes copying me!

*: We copy instinctively the voices of our companions, their accents, and their modes of pronunciation.

: ux|en|Do you copy?

: ux|en|She received many presents for her birthday.

*: Our hearts receive your warnings.

*: The idea of solidity we receive by our touch.

*: The brazen altar that was before the Lord was too little to receive the burnt offerings.

: ux|en|to receive a lodger, visitor, ambassador, messenger, etc.

*: They kindled a fire, and received us every one.

*: In former days every tavern of repute kept such a room for its own select circle, a club, or society, of habitués, who met every evening, for a pipe and a cheerful glass....Strangers might enter the room, but they were made to feel that they were there on sufferance: they were received with distance and suspicion.

: ux|en|I received a bloody nose from the collision.

*: Many other things there be which they have received to hold, as the washing of cups, and pots.

*: I cannot receive transterm|recevoir|lang=frm that manner, whereby we establish the continuance of our life.

: sends and receives

*: We shall, / As I conceive the journey, be at the Mount / Before you, Lepidus.

*: It was among the ruins of the Capitol that I first conceived the idea of a work which has amused and exercised near twenty years of my life.

*: I conceive you.

*: You will hardly conceive him to have been bred in the same climate.

: ux|en|Assisted procreation can help those trying to conceive.

*: She hath also conceived a son in her old age.

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