ennakoida englanniksi   usher fi, forecast fi, anticipate fi, foreshadow fi, predict fi


*: Her entrance into church on Sunday is always the signal for a little bustle in the side aisle, occasioned by a general rise among the poor people, who bow and curtsey until the pew-opener has ushered the old lady into her accustomed seat, dropped a respectful curtsey, and shut the door;

*: Margaret was astonished at the magnificence of the apartments into which she was ushered.

*: Thus the Harvard poets and wits ushered The New England Courant out of existence.

: to forecast the weather

: to forecast a storm

*: If it happen as I did forecast.

:* Whats the forecast for tomorrow?

: To anticipate and prevent the dukes purpose. --R. Hall.

: He would probably have died by the hand of the executioner, if indeed the executioner had not been anticipated by the populace. -- [[w:Thomas Babington Macaulay|Thomas Babington Macaulay]].

: The advocate plans to anticipate a part of her argument.

: to anticipate the pleasures of a visit

: to anticipate the evils of life

: Please anticipate a journey of an hour from your house to the airport

: Little Johnny started to anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus a week before Christmas.

*: It all sounds to us remarkably nineteenth-century; Petrarchs romantic sentiments foreshadow with uncanny precision those of Dante Gabriel Rossetti or Alfred de Musset.

*: After he had renounced his [[father|father]][[s|s]] [[bishopric]]k of Valentia in [[Spain]]e... and to [[attain]]e by degrees the [[majesty|Maiesty]] of [[w:Julius Caesar|Cesar]], was created [[duke|Duke]] of that place, [[gave|gaue]] for his [[poesie]], Aut Cesar, aut nihil. which being not [[favored|fauoured]] from the [[heavens|heauens]], had presently the [[event|euent]] the same predicted.

: 2000, w|J.K. Rowling, w|Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, xiii.

:: Professor Trelawney kept predicting Harry’s death, which he found extremely annoying.

: 2012, w|Jeremy Bernstein, "[http://www.americanscientist.org/issues/feature/2012/2/a-palette-of-particles A Palette of Particles]" in w|American Scientist, Vol. 100, No. 2, p. 146

:: The physics of elementary particles in the 20th century was distinguished by the observation of particles whose existence had been predicted by theorists sometimes decades earlier.

*: It is interesting to see how clearly theory predicts the difference between the ascending and descending curves of a dynamo.

*: The devil can both predict and make predictors.

*: Theyre predicting us now; looks like a barrage.

*: Or say with Princes if it shall go well, / By oft predict that I in heaven find.

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