entreprendre englanniksi   set about fr, proffer fr, undertake fr


: He set about designing his homepage.

*: But that’s a dubious triumph: A book is a book and a movie is a movie, and whenever the latter merely sets about illustrating the former, it’s a failure of adaptation, to say nothing of imagination.

: Two youths set about him.

: rfquotek|Milton

*: To second, or oppose, or undertake / The perilous attempt.

: ux|en|He undertook to exercise more in future.

*: Ill undertake to land them on our coast.

: ux|en|I hate people who try and undertake on the motorway.

*: "I have now aspyed one knyght," he seyde, "that woll play hys play at the justys, I undirtake."

*: And those two counties I will undertake / Your grace shall well and quietly enjoiy.

*: And he was not right fat, I undertake.

*: I dare undertake they will not lose their labour.

*: there came fourty knyghtes to sire Darras /.../ and they wold haue slayne sire Tristram and his two felawes / but sire Darras wold not suffre that but kepte them in pryson /.../ So sire Tristram endured there grete payne / for sekenesse had vndertake hym / and that is the grettest payne a prysoner maye haue

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: It is not fit your lordship should undertake every companion that you give offence to.

: rfquotek|Spenser

*: Keep well those that ye undertake.

*: who undertakes you to your end

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