epämääräinen englanniksi   borderline, vague, indefinite, equivocal, undefined


: He is borderline hypoglycemic and needs to monitor his sugar intake.

: I would rather hire a talented layman than a university graduate with borderline qualifications.

: Your borderline remarks about my aunts dress destroyed my evening.

: She lives on the borderline between reality and madness.

*: As an example of their affective profile, borderlines are set apart from passive aggressives by having more marked social anxiety ... and greater sensitivity ...

*: Throughout the first week of his presidency, Dulles and Bissell continued to brief Kennedy on their strategy for Cuba, but the men were vague and their meetings offered little in the way of hard facts.

: ux|en|a vague term of abuse

: ux|en|only a vague notion of what’s needed;  a vague hint of a thickening waistline;  I haven’t the vaguest idea.

: ux|en|a vague longing

*: to set upon the vague villains

*: She danced along with vague, regardless eyes.

: rfquotek|Holinshed

*: The gray vague of unsympathizing sea.

*: [The soul] doth vague and wander.

: equivocal words; an equivocal sentence

*: For the beauties of Shakespeare are not of so dim or equivocal a nature as to be visible only to learned eyes.

: His actions are equivocal.

*: equivocal repentances

*: How equivocal a test.

: The result of division by zero is undefined.

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