epäsäännöllinen englanniksi   uneven fi, unsteady fi, strong fi, irregular fi, intermittent fi, erratic fi


: ux|en|A slightly unsteady item of furniture.

*: "Mid-Lent, and the Enemy grins," remarked Selwyn as he started for church with Nina and the children. Austin, knee-deep in a dozen Sunday supplements, refused to stir; poor little Eileen was now convalescent from grippe, but still unsteady on her legs; her maid had taken the grippe, and now moaned all day:nb..."

: ux|en|a big strong man; Jake was tall and strong

: ux|en|a strong foundation; good strong shoes

: ux|en|The man was nearly drowned after a strong undercurrent swept him out to sea.

: ux|en|He is strong in the face of adversity.

: ux|en|a strong light; a strong taste

: ux|en|a strong smell

: ux|en|a strong cup of coffee; a strong medicine

: ux|en|a strong drink

: She gets up, and pours herself a strong one. - [[w:Eagles (band)|Eagles]], Lying Eyes

: ux|en|a strong verb

: ux|en|a strong acid;  a strong base

: ux|en|a strong position

: ux|en|Youre working with troubled youth in your off time? That’s strong!

: ux|en|The enemys army force was five thousand strong.

*: Physicians may diagnosis influenza by a throat culture or blood test, which may be important if you have a particularly strong flu, if your doctor suspects pneumonia or a bacterial infection.

*: Theres one neighborhood tavern where the regulars and irregulars go after a hard day to unlax and rewind, throw back a few, and just hang out - you know the one.

: The day was cloudy with intermittent rain.

: Intermittent bugs are most difficult to reproduce.

: The area has many intermittent lakes and streams.

: rfquotek|Dunglison[[Category:en:Time]]----

: Henry has been getting erratic scores on his tests: 40% last week, but 98% this week.

: erratic conduct

*: The term for a displaced boulder is an erratic, but in the nineteenth century the expression seemed to apply more often to the theories than to the rocks.

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