eristää englanniksi   cut off fi, abstract fi, proscribe fi, quarantine fi, clad fi, ostracize fi, cordon fi, insulate fi


*: The entranced spectator was cut off from reality as long as the adventure lasted; it was as if he lived a dream yet believed he was awake.

: His parents cut him off to encourage him to find a job.

: My phone call was cut off before I could get the information.

: That dingbat cut me off as I was about to conclude my theses.

: A [[thermal]] cut-off.

*: The more abstract we are from the body ... the more fit we shall be to behold divine light.

*: abstract, as in a trance

*: He was incapable of forming any opinion or resolution abstracted from his own prejudices.

: rfquotek|Franklin

: He was wholly abstracted by other objects.

: He abstracted out the square root function.

: ux|en|The law proscribes driving a car with a blood alcohol level of over .10%.

: ux|en|The word [[aint]] is proscribed by many authorities.

: ux|en|Many Roman citizens were proscribed for taking part in rebellions.rfex

*: But what interested me most was the slender figure of a dainty girl, clad only in a thin bit of muslin which scarce covered her knees--a bit of muslin torn and ragged about the lower hem.

*: Lesbian studies scholar Ramona Oswald has extended this criticism by arguing that traditions such as the bouquet toss and the "singles" table at the wedding reception often marginalize and ostracize lesbians and gays in attendance.

*: Children ostracize other children in the playground, choosing carefully who they wish to play with. Adults ostracize other adults, such as marriage partners using the silent treatment.

: Ceramic can be used to insulate power lines.

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