erittää englanniksi   secrete fi, express fi, transpire fi, excrete fi, exude fi, disembowel fi, ooze fi


*: ... they ?uppo?ing Two other Divine Hypo?ta?es Superiour thereunto, which were perfectly Secrete from Matter.

*: ...

*: This ?o containeth all things, as not being yet ?ecrete and di?tinct; whereas in the Second they are di?cerned and di?tingui?hed by Rea?on; that is, they are Actually di?tingui?hed in their Ideas; whereas the Fir?t is the Simple and Fecund Power of all things.

*: Why one set of cells should secrete bile, another urea, and so on, we do not know.

*: Many tumors secrete two or more different hormones.

*: If you won’t believe my great new doctrine (which, by the bye, is as old as the Greeks), that souls secrete their bodies, as snails do shells, you will remain in outer darkness.

*: Let me not be misunderstood. I see as clearly as any man possibly can, and rate as highly, the value of wealth, and of hereditary wealth, as the security of refinement, the feeder of all those arts that ennoble and beautify life, and as making a country worth living in. Many an ancestral hall here in England has been a nursery of that culture which has been of example and benefit to all. Old gold has a civilizing virtue which new gold must grow old to be capable of secreting.

*: Plaintiffs filed an affidavit for an attachment, alleging that defendant was about to assign, secrete, and dispose of his property with intent to delay and defraud his creditors, and was about to convert his property into money to place it beyond the reach of his creditors.

*: Whereas the Renaissance had allowed madness into the light, the classical age saw it as scandal or shame. Families secreted mad uncles and strange cousins in asylums.

: The royal jewels were secreted away in the middle of the night, [[sub rosa]].

: I gave him express instructions not to begin until I arrived, but he ignored me.

: This book cannot be copied without the express permission of the publisher.

: In my eyes it bore a livelier image of the spirit, it seemed more express and single, than the imperfect and divided countenance.

*: Their human countenance / The express resemblance of the gods.

: I took the express into town.

*: "Give me my express," I said, laying down the Winchester, and he handed it to me cocked.

*: the only remanent express of Christs sacrifice on earth

*: She charged him ... to ask at the express if anything came up from town.

: rfquotek|Eikon Basilike

: ux|en|Words cannot express the love I feel for him.

*: The people of his island of Rokovoko, it seems, at their wedding feasts express the fragrant water of young cocoanuts into a large stained calabash like a punchbowl [...].

*: When a cell “expresses” a gene, it translates the DNA first into a signature messenger RNA (mRNA) sequence and subsequently into a chain of amino acids that forms a protein.

: The Pizza Hut inside Target isnt a full one, its a Pizza Hut Express.

: Some Wal-Marts will include a McDonalds Express.

: The Malls selection of cell phone carriers includes a full AT&T store and a T-Mobile express.

: Microsoft has a free download of Visual Basic .Net Express.

: The proceedings of the council soon transpired.

*: The story of Paulinas and Maximilians mutual attachment had transpired through many of the travellers.

*: Although I was prevented from attending the 1952 annual conference, I was immediately informed as to what had transpired.

*: Our forests exude turpentine in ... abundance.

*: Pale slime oozed through all the surfaces; some of it dripped from the ceiling and burned Dennis as badly as the blazing sparks had done a moment before.

*: He was hard to understand because he spoke softly, and his Vermont accent was as thick as maple syrup oozing down a pile of pancakes.

*: Her heart constricted when she saw thick blood oozing from a wide gash in his forehead.

*: "Good servants are so hard to find," Chesna said, oozing arrogance.

*: There are no two ways about it: a Berardi dress oozes sex appeal from its very seams.

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