ermorden englanniksi   kill de, murder de, assassinate de


: Smoking kills more people each year than alcohol and drugs combined.

: There is conclusive evidence that smoking kills.

: He killed the engine and turned off the headlights, but remained in the car, waiting.

: [[w:Kirk Douglas|Kirk Douglas]], (actor, as Peter), [[w:The Fury (1978 film)|The Fury]] (1978):

:: Peter: Ask Childers if it was worth his arm.

:: Policeman: What did you do to his arm, Peter?

:: Peter: I killed it, with a machine gun.

: The editor decided to kill the story.

: The news that a hurricane had destroyed our beach house killed our plans to sell it.

: My computer wouldnt respond until I killed some of the running processes.

: That night, she was dressed to kill.

: That joke always kills me.

: It kills me to throw out three whole turkeys, but I cant get anyone to take them and theyve already started to go bad.

: It kills me to learn how many poor people are practically starving in this country while rich moguls spend such outrageous amounts on useless luxuries.

: Im just doing this to kill time.

: He told the bartender, pointing at the bottle of scotch he planned to consume, "Leave it, Im going to kill the bottle."

: Between the two of us, we killed the rest of the case of beer.

: Look at the amount of destruction to the enemy base. We pretty much killed their ability to retaliate anymore.

: The team had absolutely killed their traditional rivals, and the local sports bars were raucous with celebrations.

: You dont ever want to get rabies. The doctor will have to give you multiple shots and they really kill.

: My parents are going to kill me!

: The assassin liked to make a clean kill, and thus favored small arms over explosives.

: The hunter delivered the kill with a pistol shot to the head.

: The fox dragged its kill back to its den.

*: If ye plunder his kill from a weaker, devour not all in thy pride.

*: As a senior in 1993, Turner had a kill percentage of 40.8, which was a school record at the time and the best in the SAC. Turner concluded her volleyball career with 1,349 kills, ranking fifth all-time at Catawba.

: The channel between Staten Island and Bergen Neck is the Kill van Kull, or the Kills.

: Schuylkill, Catskill, etc.

: rfquotek|Fuller[[Category:1000 English basic words]][[Category:en:Death]][[Category:en:Landforms]]----

: ux|en|There have been ten unsolved murders this year alone.

*: It may be guessed, indeed, that this was the original form of the story, the fairy being the addition of those who considered Jacks thefts from (and murder of) the giant to be scarcely justified without her.

*: Captain Sulu, who served under the legendary James T. Kirk for many years, disobeys Starfleet orders in order to try and help Kirk and another old shipmate, Dr. McCoy, who have been imprisoned for the murder of the Klingon chancellor.

*: Dr. Herrera also knew Hemingway had held Batistas army personally responsible for the brutal murders of his dogs, Blackie (Black Dog) and Machakos.

: ux|en|The defendant was charged with murder.

: ux|en|This headache is murder.

: The woman found dead in her kitchen was murdered by her husband.

: Our team is going to murder them.

: Hes torn my best shirt. When I see him, Ill murder him!

: I could murder a [[hamburger]] right now.

*: The Assassines, a nation depending of Phœnicia, are esteemed among the Mahometistsnb.... And thus was our Earle Raymond of Tripoli murthered or assassinated (this word is borrowed from their name) in the middest of his Citie, during the time of our warres in the holy landnb....

*: Your rhymes assassinate our fame.

*: Such usage as your honourable lords / Afford me, assassinated and betrayed.

*: Yet again, many of them desperate hairbrains, rash, careless, fit to be assassinates, as being void of all fear and sorrow […].

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