ero englanniksi   differential, deflection, renunciation, divorce, spread, secession, difference, distinction


: differential characteristics

*: For whom he produced differential favours.

: rfquotek|Knight

*: The next morning Oswald stopped short in the middle of his shaving, which in his case involved the most tortuous deflections and grimacings.

: The Presidents renunciation of the treaty has upset Congress.

: The bishops renunciation was on account of his ill health.

: Richard obtained a divorce from his wife some years ago, but hasnt returned to the dating scene.

: The Civil War split between Virginia and West Virginia was a divorce based along cultural and economic as well as geographic lines.

*: to make divorce of their incorporate league

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: A ship captain can marry couples, but cannot divorce them.

: Lucy divorced Steve when she discovered that he had been unfaithful.

: The radical group voted to divorce itself from the main faction and start an independent movement.

: Edna and Simon divorced last year; he got the house, and she retained the business.

: ux|en|He spread his newspaper on the table.

: ux|en|I spread my arms wide and welcomed him home.

: ux|en|I spread the rice grains evenly over the floor.

: ux|en|The missionaries quickly spread their new message across the country.

: ux|en|I dropped my glass; the water spread quickly over the tiled floor.

: ux|en|She liked to spread butter on her toast while it was still hot.

: ux|en|He always spreads his toast with peanut butter and strawberry jam.

: to spread a table

*: Boiled the flesh, and spread the board.

*: This often sounds like the rap of a demented DJ: the way she moves has got to be good news, cant get loose till I feel the juice— suck and spread, bitch, yeah bounce for me baby.

*: Yes I wore a slinky red thing. Does that mean I should spread for you, your friends, your father, Mr Ed?

*: I dont want to move too fast, but / Cant resist your sexy ass / Just spread, spread for me; / (I cant, I cant wait to get you home)

*: No flower hath spread like that of the woodbine.

*: I have got a fine spread of improvable land.

*: - Can’t wait till I get my own spread and won’t have to put up with Joe Aguirre’s crap no more.
- I’m savin’ for a place myself.

: ux|en|You need to learn to be more tolerant of difference.

: ux|en|There are three differences between these two pictures.

: We have our little differences, but we are firm friends.

*: What was the difference? It was a contention in public.

*: Away therefore went I with the constable, leaving the old warden and the young constable to compose their difference as they could.

*: The line of the horizon was clear and hard against the sky, and in one particular quarter it showed black against a silvery climbing [[phosphorescence]] that grew and grew. At last, over the rim of the waiting earth the moon lifted with slow majesty till it swung clear of the horizon and rode off, free of [[moorings]]; and once more they began to see surfaces—meadows wide-spread, and quiet gardens, and the river itself from bank to bank, all softly [[disclosed]], all washed clean of mystery and terror, all radiant again as by day, but with a difference that was tremendous.

: ux|en|It just wont make much difference to me.

: ux|en|It just wont make much of a difference to anyone.

*: That now be chooseth with vile difference / To be a beast, and lack intelligence.

: rfquote-sense|en

: ux|en|There is a distinction to be made between resting and slacking.

: ux|en|She had the distinction of meeting the Queen.

*: Leighton Baines, playing with distinction again, sent over a left-wing cross with pace and accuracy. Welbeck, prominently involved all night, could not reach it but Rooney was directly behind him, flashing his header past Szczesny.

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