etappi englanniksi   passage fi, leg fi


: passage of scripture

: She struggled to play the difficult passages.

: He made his passage through the trees carefully, mindful of the stickers.

: The company was one of the prime movers in lobbying for the passage of the act.

*: With a look of triumph that he was unable to keep from his dark eyes he slid into her passage with one smooth thrust, ...

*: This way, the tip of your penis will travel up and down her passage.

*: At the same moment, Aidan plunged two fingers deep into her passage and broke through her fragile barrier.

*: He claimed that he felt the passage of the knife through the ilio-cæcal valve, from the very considerable pain which it caused.

: He passaged the virus through a series of goats.

: After 24 hours, the culture was passaged to an agar plate.

: They passaged to America in 1902.

: Dan wont be able to come to the party, since he broke his leg last week and is now on crutches.

: The left leg of these jeans has a tear.

: After six days, were finally in the last leg of our cross-country trip.

: the legs of a chair or table

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