etunimi englanniksi   first name, given name, forename


: ux|en|address the students by their first name from the first day on;  we are not yet on a first-name basis

*: Japan: Use family names first, followed by given names, but be aware that some may introduce themselves to Westerners with their given name first.

*: This may explain why some Chinese Americans write their Chinese name backwards. For example, the Chinese characters to Ching Tien Chay?s name show that his given name is really Tien Ching.

*: In one experiment, the researchers had people rate the characteristics of people with various given names or nicknames....A person with a nickname like Liz, for example, would probably be rated as friendlier and more popular than a person with the given name Elizabeth, but Elizabeth would probably be rated more intelligent and trustworthy.

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