falsk englanniksi   false sv, counterfeit sv, two-faced sv, fake sv, phony sv, spurious sv, flat sv, fraudulent sv


: ux|en|false legislation

: ux|en|false teeth

*: At her invitation he outlined for her the succeeding chapters with terse military accuracy; and what she liked best and best understood was avoidance of that false modesty which condescends, turning technicality into pabulum.

: ux|en|a false witness

: ux|en|a false friend, lover, or subject;  false to promises

*: I to myself was false, ere thou to me.

: ux|en|a false conclusion;  a false construction in grammar

*: whose false foundation waves have swept away

*: You play me false.

: ux|en|The student received a failing grade for circling every true and false on her quiz.

: This counterfeit watch looks like the real thing, but it broke a week after I bought it.

: counterfeit sympathy

*: an arrant counterfeit rascal

*: Never call a true piece of gold a counterfeit.

*: Some of these counterfeits are fabricated with such exquisite taste and skill, that it is the achievement of criticism to distinguish them from originals.

*: Thou drawest a counterfeit / Best in all Athens.

*: Even Natures self envied the same, / And grudged to see the counterfeit should shame / The thing itself.

*: I fear thou art another counterfeit; / And yet, in faith, thou bearst thee like a king.

: to counterfeit the signature of another, coins, notes, etc.

: to counterfeit the voice of another person

*: Full well they laughed with counterfeited glee / At all his jokes, for many a joke had he.

: Which fur coat looks fake?

: A good jeweler should be able to tell a real stone from a phony one.

: He claims to be a doctor, but hes nothing but a fast-talking phony.

: Hes such a phony, he doesnt believe half of what he says.

*: We witness that there is a relationship between government, media and industry that is evident even at this most spurious and superficial level. These three institutions support one another. We know that however cool a media outlet may purport to be, their primary loyalty is to their corporate backers. We know also that you cannot criticise the corporate backers openly without censorship and subsequent manipulation of this information.

*: her spurious firstborn

: ux|en|The land around here is flat.

: ux|en|The party was a bit flat.

*: A large part of the work is, to me, very flat.

*: How weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable / Seem to me all the uses of this world.

: ux|en|His claim was in flat contradiction to experimental results.

: ux|en|Im not going to the party and thats flat.

*: flat burglary as ever was committed

*: A great tobacco taker too, — thats flat.

: ux|en|That girl is completely flat on both sides.

: The market is flat.

: Many flat adverbs, as in run fast, buy cheap, etc. are from Old English.

: Spread the tablecloth flat over the table.

: I asked him if he wanted to marry me and he turned me down flat.

: He can run a mile in four minutes flat.

: I am flat broke this month.

*: Sin is flat opposite to the Almighty.

*: Envy is as the sunbeams that beat hotter upon a bank, or steep rising ground, than upon a flat.

*: The next one surrendered his bike, only for that, too, to give him a second flat as he started the descent.

: ux|en|She liked to walk in her flats more than in her high heels.

: ux|en|a flat of strawberries

: rfquotek|Raymond

*: Or if you cannnot make a speech, / Because you are a flat.

: rfquotek|Sir W. Temple

*: Passions are allayed, appetites are flatted.

*: The excellence of French flats is so well known in America, that the owner will often refer to his property as "first class French flats."

*: Fifteen percent of this group said that they were not satisfied with the public housing estates and their HDB[Singapore Housing & Development Board] flats (see Tables 11 and 12 respectively).

*: The Greater London Council formed the Estmanco company to manage a block of 60 council-owned flats. The council entered into an agreement with the company to sell off the flats to owner-occupiers.

*: When the Dolphin Squares flats were first offered to the public in 1936, the South Block was still under construction, and the North Block was a building site.

: He tried to pass a fraudulent check.

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