fantastisk englanniksi   cracking sv, great sv, perfect sv, fantastic sv, fabulous sv


: the crackings of whips

: The race started at a cracking pace.

: We had a cracking time.

: It was a cracking good show.

: ux|en|A great storm is approaching our shores.

: ux|en|Dinner was great.

*: He doth object I am too great of birth.

*: “[…] We are engaged in a great work, a treatise on our river fortifications, perhaps? But since when did army officers afford the luxury of amanuenses in this simple republic?nb...

: ux|en|Alexander the Great

: ux|en|a great nature

: ux|en|a great hero, scholar, genius, philosopher, etc.

*: the ewes great with young

: ux|en|to use great caution;  to be in great pain

*: We have all / Great cause to give great thanks.

*: Thus the red damask curtains which now shut out the fog-laden, drizzling atmosphere of the Marylebone Road, had cost a mere song, and yet they might have been warranted to last another thirty years. A great bargain also had been the excellent Axminster carpet which covered the floor;nb....

*: those that are so great with him

: Great! Thanks for the wonderful work.

: Oh, great! I just dumped all 500 sheets of the manuscript all over and now I have to put them back in order.

: Newton and Einstein are two of the greats of the history of science.

: Those mechanical colored pencils work great because they dont have to be sharpened.

: ux|en|a perfect circle

: ux|en|That bucket with the hole in the bottom is a poor bucket, but it is perfect for watering plants.

: ux|en|Practice makes perfect.

: ux|en|a perfect day

*: They burned the old gun that used to stand in the dark corner up in the garret, close to the stuffed fox that always grinned so fiercely. Perhaps the reason why he seemed in such a ghastly rage was that he did not come by his death fairly. Otherwise his pelt would not have been so perfect. And why else was he put away up there out of sight?—and so magnificent a brush as he had too.

: ux|en|a perfect Manhattan;  a perfect Rob Roy

*: I am perfect that the Pannonians are now in arms.

: I am going to perfect this article.

: You spend too much time trying to perfect your dancing.

: perfect an appeal; perfect an interest; perfect a judgment

: He told fantastic stories of dragons and goblins.

: His fantastic post-college plans had all collapsed within a year of graduation.

: She had a fantastic view of her own importance that none of her colleagues shared.

: The events were so fantastic that only the tabloids were willing to print them.

: She entered the lab and stood gaping for a good ten minutes at the fantastic machinery at work all around her.

*: There at the foot of yonder nodding beech, / That wreathes its old fantastic roots so high.

: "I had a simply fantastic vacation, and I cant wait to tell you all about it!"

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