fiasco englanniksi   flop fr, debacle fr, bust fr


: He flopped down in front of the television as he was exhausted from work.

: rfquotek|Charles Dickens

: The latest album flopped and so the studio canceled her contract.

: It starts with Chris Paul, because Blake didnt really used to flop like that, you know, last year.

: While Stern chastised Vogel for on Thursday calling the Heat "the biggest flopping team in the NBA," he did intimate that he sees merit in the sentiment.

: The brim of a hat flops.

*: The flop didnt help you but probably did help the other hands.

*: Here are six tips to help you play successfully on the flop (the first three communal cards).

*: The strength of your hand now has nothing to do with how strong it may have been before the flop.

*: They have opened up crypts and basements as immense pads where vagrant and impoverished hippies can flop for the night..

*: ... is not just the old material goal of "three hots and a place to flop," it ....

*: Hugh and the boys playing in beautiful settings with beautiful young babes was a far cry from grungy hippies doing it in a filthy flop house, ...

*: ... cowpat or cow-flop, Cow dung, often used dry as heating fuel.

*: "Maybe as you think," he said, "because as Ive the misfortune of an accidental slip on a cow-flop therefore I has the inability of an unborn babe, ...

*: "Cow flop in a neat package is still cow flop. What did Cable stand to gain from the flood?"

*: The event proved to be a great debacle for the partisans of this prognosticator.

*: The result is a military approach which maximizes political tensions with Russia ... and lays the ground for a military debacle.

*: The Falklands-Malvinas débâcle provided the opportunity to restructure the military High Command; Alfonsín removed anti-democratic senior officers and replaced them with more co-operative ones.

*: The BP Prudhoe Bay debacle [the [[w:Prudhoe Bay oil spill|Prudhoe Bay oil spill]]] thus provides but the latest in a long line of reasons why leasing this region of the NPR-A is a bad idea.

*: ... so that in extreme cases the latter may even be dammed up for a time, and a debacle be the consequence, when the main river overcomes the resistance opposed to it, ...

*: For several months after the debacle just described, the river Dranse, having no settled channel, shifted its position continually ...

*: When this débâcle commences ..., the masses of ice, drifting with the current and unable to pass, are hurled upon those already soldered together; thus an enormous barrier is formed ...

: ux|en|He busted huge air off that jump!

: ux|en|He busted him down to patrolman for insubordination.

*: If Steinkamp doesnt take off that hat and stop messing around, Im gonna bust him into a [[PFC]].

: a narcotics bust

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