fossé englanniksi   chasm fr, cesspool fr, pit fr, trench fr, ditch fr, dike fr


: ux|en|His circus job was the pits, but at least he was in show business.

: ux|en|I felt pain in the pit of my stomach.

*: Back to the infernal pit I drag thee chained.

*: He keepeth back his soul from the pit.

*: as fiercely as two gamecocks in the pit

: Exposure to acid rain pitted the metal.

: Are you ready to pit your wits against one of the worlds greatest puzzles?

*: For the 75 years since a district rebellion was put down, The Games have existed as an assertion of the Capital’s power, a winner-take-all contest that touts heroism and sacrifice—participants are called “tributes”— while pitting the districts against each other.

: One must pit a peach to make it ready for a pie.

*: I resolved to find all my pits good homes and to get out of the rescue and breeding business.

*: I was the first person in my high school to wear a trench and fedora constantly, and Ben was one of the first to wear a black trench.

*: A classic trench can work in any kind of weather and goes well with almost anything.

*: Shee is the Judge, Thou Executioner, Or if thou needs wouldst trench upon her power, Thou mightst have yet enjoyd thy crueltie, With some more thrift, and more varietie.

*: Does it not seem as if for a creature to challenge to itself a boundless attribute, were to trench upon the prerogative of the divine nature?

*: He could make what laws he pleased, as long as those laws did not trench upon property rights.

*: [O]ur ideas, therefore, must trench upon the province of tactics.

*: No more shall trenching war channel her fields.

: rfquotek|Alexander Pope

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

*: The wide wound that the boar had trenched / In his soft flank.

*: This weak impress of love is as a figure / Trenched in ice, which with an hours heat / Dissolves to water, and doth lose its form.

: to trench land for the purpose of draining it

: to trench a garden for certain crops----

: Digging ditches has long been considered one of the most demanding forms of manual labor.

: Once the sun came out we ditched our rain-gear and started a campfire.

: When the second engine failed, the pilot was forced to ditch; their last location was just south of the Azores.

: The truant officer caught Louise ditching with her friends, and her parents were forced to pay a fine.

: Enclosure led to fuller winter employment in hedging and ditching.

: The soldiers ditched the tent to prevent flooding.

: The engine was ditched and turned on its side.

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