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: ux|en|This is a nutty chocolate bar.

*: Brown rice has had only its outer hull removed, leaving it with a beige color and a a pleasantly nutty flavor.

: ux|en|Your wife is as nutty as a fruitcake.

*: Ælfred [[king|kyning]] hateð gretan Wærferð biscep.

*: [[all|Al]] the folk in which the [[Holy Ghost|Hooly Gost]] [[set]]te [[you|?ou]] bischopis.

*:: [Compare [[w:Tindales Bible|Tindale]] [[overseers|oversears]], [[w:Cranmers Bible|Cranmer]] [[overseers|ouersears]], [[w:Geneva Bible|Geneva]] [[overseers|Ouersears]], [[w:Douay–Rheims Bible|Douay]] bishops, [[w:King James Bible|KJV]] [[overseers|ouerseers]], [[w:English Revised Version|ERV]] bishops with the marginal gloss or [[overseers]].]

*: [[Christ|Crist]] veriest bischop of [[all]]e.

*: [[w:King James I of England|King James]] [[of blessed memory]] said, no Bishop, no King: it was not he, but others that added, No Ceremony, no Bishop.

*: [[w:Ignatius of Antioch|St. Ignatius]]... In his Epi?tle to the Magne?ians, he exhorts them to do all things in the love of God, telling them, the Bi?hop pre?ides in the place of God...

*: These ministers were at first confined to the three orders of bishops, priests, and deacons.

*: It is a fact now generally recognized by theologians of all shades of opinion, that in the language of the [[New Testament]] the same officer in the [[Church]] is called indifferently ‘bishop’ [[?????????]] and ‘[[elder]]’ or ‘[[presbyter]]’ [[???????????]].

*: [[w:Licinia (gens)|Lucinius Crassus]]... [[was|wæs]] eac [[Roman]]a ieldesta biscep.

*: The [[Caliph]]aes of the [[Saracens|Sarasins]] were kings and [[chief]]e bishops in their religion.

*: The Byshop of Egypt is called the [[Sultan|Souldan]].

*: No pinnacle so high but the devil is a bishop over it, to visit and overlook it.

*: They gave away [[grain|corn]], not cash; and w|Cicero was made bishop, or overseer, of this public victualling.

*: The Bishoppes some name Alphins, some fooles, and some name them Princes; other some call them Archers.

*: A Bishop or Archer, who is commonly figured with his head cloven.

*: ‘Bishop, Bishop-Barnabee,

*: Tell me when my wedding shall be;

*: If it be [[to-morrow]] day,

*: [[ope|Ope]] your wings and fly away.

*: Well roasted, with Sugar and Wine in a Cup,

*: Theyll make a sweet Bishop.

*: A bowl of that liquor called Bishop, which Johnson had always liked.

*: Spicy bishop, drink divine.

*: If, by her bishop, or her [[your Grace|grace]] alone,

*: A genuine lady, or a church, is known.

*: Here; [[take|tak]] him, [[and|an]] [[wash|wesh]] him; [[and|an]] put him a [[clean|clen]] bishop on.

*: Se [[

*: [[when|Wanne]] the [[

*: [[token|Tokene]] of [[mark]]e he set on [[thee|the]].

*: The Marquis of Buckingham and his wife were both bishopped, or confirmed by the Bishop of London.

*: Harding and Saunders Bishop it in England.

*: Here too physical effects were vulgarly attributed to the ceremony… as evidenced by the case of the old Norfolk woman who claimed to have been ‘bishopped’ seven times, because she found it helped her rheumatism.

*: Why sent they it by Felton to be bishoped at Paules?

*: He.., chose to bear The Name of Fool confirmd, and Bishopd by the Fair.

*: [[this|Thys]] [[hath]]e [[been|bene]] often [[times|tymes]]... [[seen|sene]] in preachers before they were byshoppyd or [[benifice]]d.

*: There may be other... matters to occupy the thoughts of one about to be bishopped.

*: Italy would be well bishoped if her [[episcopacy]]... did not exceed fifty-nine.

*: If the [[porridge|porage]] be [[burned to]], or the [[meat]]e [[over|ouer]] [[roasted|rosted]], we say the bishop hath put his [[foot]]e in the [[pot]]te or the bishop [[hath]] played the [[cook]]e, because the bishops burn who they [[lust]] and whosoever [[displeaseth]] them.

*: It will be as bad as the Bishops foot in the broth.

*: The Cream is [[burnt to]].

*: Betty. Why, Madam, the Bishop has set his Foot in it.

*: [[the|Th]] milks bishopped again!

*: This way of making a Horse look young is... called Bishoping.

*: Bsmallcaps|ishopped, or Tsmallcaps|o bishop. A term among [[horse|hor?e]] dealers, for burning the mark into a [[horse|hor?e]]s tooth, after he has [[lost|lo?t]] it by age... It is a common [[saying|?aying]] of milk that is [[burnt to]], that the bi?hop has fet his foot in it. Formerly, when a bi?hop [[passed|pa??ed]] through a village, all the inhabitants ran out of their [[house|hou?e]]s to [[solicit|?olicit]] his [[blessing|ble??ing]], even leaving their milk, [[&c.]] on the fire, to take its chance; which, when [[burnt to]], was [[said|?aid]] to be bi?hopped.

*: I found his teeth had been filed down and bishoped with the greatest neatness and perfection.

*: I [[burke|Burked]] the papa, now Ill Bishop the son.

*: There were no more [[burke|Burking]] murders until 1831, when two men, named Bishop and Williams, drowned a poor [14-year-old] Italian boy in Bethnal Green, and sold his body to the surgeons.

*: John Bishop and another grave-robber called Thomas Williams had drowned the boy, a woman and another boy in a well in John Bishops garden in w|Bethnal Green... Bishop and Williams were hanged outside w|Newgate Prison in December 1831 in front of an angry crowd of 30,000.

*: Over moist and crazy brains.

: ux|en|His ideas were both frightening and crazy.

: ux|en|When she gets on the motorcycle she goes crazy.

*: The girls were crazy to be introduced to him.

: ux|en|He went crazy when he won.

: ux|en|Why is she so crazy about him?

: ux|en|The game had a crazy ending

*: Piles of mean and crazy houses.

*: One of great riches, but a crazy constitution.

*: They ... got a crazy boat to carry them to the island.

: That trick was crazy good

*: Then again, her whole evening was full of crazy, and she didnt know what else to do.

: You were a fool to cross that busy road without looking.

: The village fool threw his own shoes down the well.

*: Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.

*: Can they think me ... their fool or jester?

*: Im a fool for the city.

: an apricot fool; a gooseberry fool

*: Is this a time for fooling?

*: The sylyman lay and herde,
And [[his|hys]] [[wife|wyf]] [[answered|answerd]].

*: ... [[three|thrie]] [[Saturdays|Saturdayes]] [[before|befor]] [[Lammas|Lambas]] and [[three|thrie]] [[after|efter]] called the six silie [[Saturdays|Saturdayes]].

*: The fire raging upon the silly [[carcass|Carcase]].

*: Silly... in the same sense as [[English|E.]] [[poor]] is often used, denoting a state which excites compassion.

*: There is no [[beast|best]] in [[the|þe]] [[world|word]], I [[ween|wene]]...
That [[suffers|suffuris]] [[half]]e so [[much|myche]] tene
As [[doth]] [[the|þe]] sylly [[wat

*: In the silly [[lamb|lamb]][[s|is]] skin He [[creeped|crap]] [[as|als]] far as he [[might|micht]] win.

*: [[wherefore|Wherfore]] [[Christ]]e must [[so]]o [[much|moche]] the more [[instantly|instantelye]] be sought [[upon|vpon]], that he may vouchsafe to [[defend]]e [[us|vs]] sylly wretches.

*: There remained fresh Examples of their Barbarism against weak Sea-men, and silly Fisher-men.

*: [[a|Ane]] sillie [[shell|scheill]] [[under|vnder]] [[an]]e [[earthfast|erdfast]] [[stone|stane]]

*: ...A [[pedigree|pettigree]]
Of three[[score]] and two [[years|yeares]] a sillie time,
To make prescription for a kingdom[[s|es]] worth.

*: It is naturally very poor, ‘silly’ land.

*: Here we see that a [[small|smal]] sillie Bird [[knows|knoweth]] how to match with so great a Beast.

*: [Christ] [[leaves|leaueth]] neither Children nor [[kinsfolk]]e behind him to [[uphold|vphold]] his sillie [[kingdom]]e.

*: Thatll never grow. Its [[over|ower]] silly.

*: To [[do]]e the thing we can
To please...
This silly sickly man.

*: Is there [[any|ony]] thing you would particularly fancy, as your health seems but silly?

*: [[David|Dauid]] had no more but a sylie [[sling|slynge]], and a few stones.

*: The silly herdman all [[astonished|astonnied]] [[stands|standes]].

*: So [[lovers|luvaris]] lair no leid [[should|suld]] [[lack|lak]],
A lord to [[love|lufe]] a silly [[lass]].

*: From Hell (of which the silly people of the Country think the top of this hill to be the mouth).

*: [[we|Wee]] sillie [[souls|soules]], take the matter too too [[heavily|heauily]].

*: ‘Heaven help this silly fellow,’ murmured the perplexed locksmith.

*: Steve, dont be silly. I mean social [[intercourse]].

*: Framed? Framed? Oh, [[grow up]], Mattie. The truth is that everyone is sillier than you could possibly imagine theyd be. What a [[dickhead]].

*: Fow [[yellow|?ellow]] [[yellow|?ellow]] [[was|wes]] [[her|hir]] [[head|heid]] [[but|bot]] scho of lufe [[was|wes]] sillie.

*: Davies [[not|no]] just like other folk... but hes [[not|no]] [[so|sae]] silly as folk [[take|tak]] him for.

*: You say you were knocked silly—was that so?

*: Drinking myself silly...

*: Well, Judy, now that youve scared me silly, whats so important?

*: I can [[kick]] this stuff any time I like. I tell you what. Get this week over, well go to a health farm for ten days. No drugs. No drink. And [[shag]] ourselves silly. How about that?

*: This is the silliest [[stuff]]e, that [[ever|euer]] I heard.

*: Well sir, I have a silly walk and Id like to obtain a Government grant to help me develop it.

*: He cannot achieve celebrity by covering himself with diamonds... or by giving a silly price for a hack.

*: Carpenter now placed himself at silly-point for Grundy, who was playing very forward.

*: If you did but see how silly a Man fumbles for an Excuse, when hes a little [[ashamed|ashamd]] of being in Love.

*: Repent you Leachers your dissolute lives,
Your [[causeless|causeles]] [[divorcing|divorsing]] your true wedded wives,
Your crafty alluring the silly to [[sin]]ne.

*: The mindless and the silly are always open to being conned into believing that some new bit of technological wizardry is beneficial.

*: While they, poor sillies, bid good night,
O love [[and|an]] bogles eerie.

*: ‘Come on, silly,’ said Nannie.

: ux|en|You want to spend $1000 on a pair of shoes? Are you mad?

: ux|en|Hes got this mad idea that hes irresistible to women.

*: I have heard my grandsire say full oft, / Extremity of griefs would make men mad.

: ux|en|Are you mad at me?

: to be mad with terror, lust, or hatred

*: It is the land of graven images, and they are mad upon their idols.

*: My brother, quiet as a cat, seems perfectly contented with the internal feelings of his felicity. The Marquis, mad as a kitten, is all in motion to express it, from tongue to heel.

: ux|en|Arent you just mad for that red dress?

: ux|en|a mad dog

: ux|en|I gotta give you mad props for scoring us those tickets.   Their lead guitarist has mad skills.   There are always mad girls at those parties.

: He was driving mad slow.

: Its mad hot today.

: He seems mad keen on her.

*: The imperial Elizabetta gazed with surprise at the youthful and unpretending appearance of the little being that had set the world madding.

*: This musick mads me, let it sound no more.

*: He that mads others, if he were so humoured, would be as mad himself, as much grieved and tormented […].

: Bobs a real video-game freak. He owns every games console of the last ten years.

: Shes a freak in the sack!

*: But after one night turned into five days, I was freaking out. I missed him.

*: ... Harvard have compiled a list of LSDs contributions—largely missing before then—to our popular language: turned on, straight, freak, freaked out, stoned, ...

*: ... in fine diaper of silver and mother-of-pearl freaking the intense azure; Now scurrying close overhead, wild ink-hued random racers that fling sheeted ...

*: Freaked with many a mingled hue.

*: What is the cause of insanity?
Nobody can answer such a sweeping question as that,
but we know that certain diseases, such as syphilis, break
down and destroy the brain cells and result in insanity. In
fact, about one-half of all mental diseases can be attributed
to such physical causes as brain lesions, alcohol, toxins,
and injuries. But the other half—and this is the appalling
part of the story—the other half of the people who go in-
sane apparently have nothing organically wrong with
their brain cells. In post-mortem examinations, when their
brain tissues are studied under the highest-powered micro-
scopes, they are found to be apparently just as healthy as
yours and mine.
Why do these people go insane?

: Time will tell whether he is a crackpot or a genius for promoting that sort of idea.

: a crackpot idea

: There are many sort of nuts - peanuts, cashews, pistachios, Brazil nuts and more.

*: As the bolt tightens into the nut, it pulls the tenon on the side rail into the mortise in the bedpost and locks them together. There are also some European beds that reverse the bolt and nut by setting the nut into the bedpost with the bolt inserted into a slotted area in the side of the rail.

: He was driving his car like a nut.

*: My attorney was waiting in a bar around the corner. “This wont make the nut,” he said, “unless we have unlimited credit.”

*: ‘You are not going to be what they call a Nut, are you?’ she inquired with some anxiety, partly with the idea that a Nut would be an extravagance which her sisters small household would scarcely be justified in incurring [...].

: I kicked him in the nuts.

: a fashion nut

: a gun nut

: a sailing nut

*: When placing nuts, always look for constrictions within the crack, behind which the nut can be wedged.

: a nut hand; a nut flush

: rfquotek|Knight

*: One night, we were fumbling each other out by the toilets when a Rocker in full leathers came out of the Gents and, without breaking stride or saying a word, nutted me square between the eyes. I went down as though shot...

*: At which time, ?ome Boobyes, weary of flight, made our Ship their pearch, an animall ?o ?imple as ?uffers any to take her without feare, as if a ?tupid ?en?e made her carele??e of danger...

*: Who lounge and who loot, and who booby about, / No knowledge within, and no manners without;

*: Self Boobied. Donald E. Campbell of Merritt Island, Fla., accidentally tripped on one of the shotgun shell booby traps he had installed

*: At ten o’clock she was lying on the divan with her boobies in her hands.

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