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*: "A proper switch is a slim, flexible branch off a tree or a bush. A switch applied to the buttocks stings fiercely. It may leave red marks or bruises, but it causes no lasting damage.."

: Use the /b switch to specify black-and-white printing.

*: Ideally, if one of your ladies happens to be a switch (or would be willing to switch for this scene), I would love to be able to inflict a little "revenge tickling" as well, as part of a scenario.

: ux|en|I want to switch this red dress for a green one.

: ux|en|Switch the light on.

*: They were looking on the ground, absorbed in thought. The manager was switching his leg with a slender twig: his sagacious relative lifted his head.

: ux|en|I want to switch to a different seat.

: to switch a cane

: The angry cats tail switched back and forth.

: to switch a hedge

: rfquotek|Halliwell

: to switch off a train; to switch a car from one track to another

*: He, with a careless beat, / Struck out the mute creation at a heat.

: a beat of the heart; the beat of the pulse

: to [[walk the beat]]

*: Its a beat on the whole country.

: the beat of him

: a dead beat

*: Bears coming out of holes in the rocks at the last moment, when the beat is close to them.

: As soon as she heard that Wiktionary was shutting down, she went into a rage and beat the wall with her fists until her knuckles bled.

: He danced hypnotically while she beat the atabaque.

*: The men of the city ... beat at the door.

*: Rolling tempests vainly beat below.

*: They [winds] beat at the crazy casement.

*: The sun beat upon the head of Jonah, that he fainted, and wished in himself to die.

*: Public envy seemeth to beat chiefly upon ministers.

*: A thousand hearts beat happily.

: Jan had little trouble beating John in tennis. He lost five games in a row.

: No matter how quickly Joe finished his test, Roger always beat him.

: I just cant seem to beat the last level of this video game.

*: The part of the wood to be beaten for deer sloped all the way from the roadside to the loch.

: Beat the eggs and whip the cream.

: He wanted $50 for it, but I managed to beat him down to $35.

*: Thomas Limbrick, who was only nine years of age, said he lived with his mother when Deborah was beat: that his mother [[throwed]] her down all along with her hands; and then against a wall ...

: to beat a retreat; to beat to quarters

*: pass awful gulfs, and beat my painful way

*: Why should any one ... beat his head about the Latin grammar who does not intend to be a critic?

*: to still my beating mind

: The drums beat.

: The drummers beat to call soldiers to their quarters.

: After the long day, she was feeling completely beat.

: Dude, you drive a beat car like that and you ain’t gonna get no honeys.

: Her makeup was beat!

*: The beats were pioneers with no destination, changing the world one impulse at a time.

*: As hateful to me as the reek of a limekiln.

: You reek of perfume.

: Your fridge reeks of egg.

: The boss appointing his nephew as a director reeks of nepotism.

: With a quick whisk, she swept the cat from the pantry with her broom.

: He used a whisk to whip up a light and airy souffle.

: Peter dipped the whisk in lather and applied it to his face, so he could start shaving.

: I used a whisk to sweep the counter, then a push-broom for the floor.

*: My wife in her new lace whisk.

: rfquotek|Halliwell

*: He that walks in gray, whisking his riding rod.

: ux|en|Vernon whisked the sawdust from his workbench.

: ux|en|The chef prepared to whisk the egg whites for the angels food cake.

*: I beg she would not impale worms, nor whisk carp out of one element into another.

: ux|en|The governess whisked the children from the room before they could see their presents.

: ux|en|The children whisked down the road to the fair, laughing and chattering as they went.

: I had to use the whip to get the sheeps attention.

: Once he ran out of appeals, he knew he would soon feel the sting of the whip.

*: From the far side of the wood came the long shrill screech […] which signifies that one of the whips has viewed the fox quitting the covert.

: I was going to vote against the bill, but the party whip came to see me and made it clear I needed to vote for it.

: Did you want to add some whip to your coffee, maam?

: Come on, lets take my whip so we can get there in time.

: I was startled by the whip of the rope when it finally snapped.

: Hey, do you got a whip? Can you come pick me up?

: The rider whipped the horse.

: I whipped her with a newspaper.

*: She whips me in the first game of pool, I do not even get a shot. Eight-balled from the break.

: to whip eggs or cream

: He whipped the department into shape.

*: Its string is firmly whipped about with small gut.

: to whip a ruffle

*: In half-whipped muslin needles useless lie.

*: whipping their rough surface for a trout

*: Two friends, travelling, met a bear upon the way; the one whips up a tree, and the other throws himself flat upon the ground.

*: He looked up when I came in, gave a kind of cry, and whipped upstairs into the cabinet. It was but for one minute that I saw him, but the hair stood upon my head like quills.

*: She, in a hurry, whips up her darling under her arm.

*: He whips out his pocketbook every moment, and writes descriptions of everything he sees.

*: They would whip me with their fine wits.

: to whip wheat

*: I observed that your whip wanted a lash to it.

: ux|en|The culprit received thirty-nine lashes.

*: The moral is a lash at the vanity of arrogating that to ourselves which succeeds well.

: We lash the pupil, and defraud the ward. — [[w:John Dryden|John Dryden]]

: the whale lashes the sea with its tail.

: And big waves lash the frighted shores. — [[w:John Dryden|John Dryden]]

: He falls, and lashing up his heels, his rider throws. — [[w:John Dryden|John Dryden]]

: to lash vice

: To laugh at follies, or to lash at vice. — [[w:John Dryden|John Dryden]]

: to lash something to a spar

: lash a pack on a horses back

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