fourrage englanniksi   forage fr, fodder fr


*: “The hermit was apparently somewhat moved to compassion by the anxiety as well as address which the stranger displayed in tending his horse; for, muttering something about provender left for the keepers palfrey, he dragged out of a recess a bundle of forage, which he spread before the knights charger.

: rfquotek|Dryden

*: He [the lion] from forage will incline to play.

*: Mawhood completed his forage unmolested.

*: ‘My dears,’ he discourses to them — how he licks his gums, long toothless, as he speaks of his forages into the well-stored cellars: ...

*: The message said that the party intended to hunt and forage through this region, for a month or two, afore it went back into the Canadas.

*: And your great-uncles, Edward the Black Prince, / Who on the French ground playd a tragedy, / Making defeat on the full power of France, / Whiles his most mighty father on a hill / Stood smiling to behold his lions whelp / Forage in blood of French nobility.

*: Using the blankets for a basket, we sent up the books, instruments, and clothes to swell our growing midden on the deck; and then Nares, going on hands and knees, began to forage underneath the bed.

*: The sheep for fodder follow the shepherd, the shepherd for food follows not the sheep.

*: Now measured by the old hundred, that is, 108 lbs. the charrus contains nearly 19 1/2 hundreds, that is it corresponds to the fodder, or fother, of modern times.

*: According to the audio commentary on “Treehouse Of Horror III,” some of the creative folks at The Simpsons were concerned that the “Treehouse Of Horror” franchise had outworn its welcome and was rapidly running out of classic horror or science-fiction fodder to spoof.

*: In (part of) Shelleys poem Ozymandias is a "crumbling statue". If this is the explanation then the clue is not a reverse cryptic in the same wasSIC as GEGS -> SCRAMBLED EGGS but a normal clue where where the fodder and anagrind are *both* indirect.

*: Insane Roman! (4) ... Look in -sane Roman and youll uncover NERO, the insane Roman. Dovetailing the signpost — in — with the hidden fodder — sane Roman — is inspired, an embedded style of signposting.

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