framgång englanniksi   success sv, progress sv


*: I suppose them as at the beginning of no meane endeavour, not a little alterd and movd inwardly in their mindes: Some with doubt of what will be the successe, others with fear of what will be the censure; some with hope, others with confidence of what they have to speake.

: His third attempt to pass the entrance exam was a success.

: Dont let success go to your head.

: Scholastically, he was a success.

: The new range of toys has been a resounding success.

: She is country musics most recent success.

: Testing for the new antidote is currently in progress.

: Science has made extraordinary progress in the last fifty years.

*: With the king about to go on progress, the trials and executions were deliberately timed.

*: Now Tim began to be struck with these loitering progresses along the garden boundaries in the gloaming, and wondered what they boded.

: The thick branches overhanging the path made progress difficult.

: They progress through the museum.

: Societies progress unevenly.

*: Or […] they came to progress matters in which Dudley had taken a hand, and left defrauded or bound over to the king.

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