gaine englanniksi   riser fr, sleeve fr, sheath fr, spaghetti fr, girdle fr


: The choir stood on risers for the performance.

: The sleeves on my [[coat]] are too long.

: This [[bearing]] requires a sleeve so the [[shaft]] will fit [[snugly]].

*: the Celtic Sea, called oftentimes the Sleeve

*: A three-alarm fire tore through a family home on Newarks East Side early Saturday morning, completely gutting the two-story residence and tragically claiming a half-sleeve of Oreo cookies that was trapped inside a cupboard.

*: But when his foe lies prostrate on the plain, / He sheaths his paws, uncurls his angry mane, / And pleased with bloodless honours of the day, / Walks over and disdains th inglorious prey.

*: "Call it what you will, but as soon as you think youve got your dish ready to serve, it spaghettis all over the place and you have to clean up the mess."

: The cables spaghettied onto the shoulder of the technician.

: He spaghettied the referee when he landed on him.

*: within the girdle of these walls

*: their breasts girded with golden girdles

*: that gems the starry girdle of the year

*: from the worlds girdle to the frozen pole

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

: rfquotek|Knight

: rfquotek|Raymond

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