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*: You are a silly young geezer.

*: He turned out to be a proper geezer who was willing to listen to my proposition that if he took the door at the Ministry, I would pay him £400 a month to mark my cards.

*: He was a bit of a geezer. Used to box with the Krays when he was a young &

*: When I&

: Hi geezer, you alright?

*: The technical term for a female geezer is "old broad," but this is irrelevant, as nobody in Hollywood makes films about women over 55.

*: Why Geezer? Why would a fine arts gallery choose a name that conjures images of a grumpy old guy sitting on the front porch hollering, “get off my lawn”?

: I think he reckons hes a bit of a lad.

: She used a jack to lift her car and changed the tire.

: Every man jack.

: telephone jack

*: like an uninstructed bowler who thinks to attain the jack by delivering his bowl straight forward upon it

: You havent done jack. Get up and get this room cleaned up right now!

*: First off Regan carried fifteen grand, packed it in his clothes all the time. Real money, they tell me. Not just a top card and a bunch of hay. Thats a lot of jack [...].

: rfquotek|Dryden

: rfquotek|Halliwell

: rfquotek|C. Hallock

: rfquotek|R. H. Dana, Jr

: He jacked the car up so that he could replace the brake pads.

: If you want to jack your stats you just write off failures as invalid results.

*: Fruit of the orchard has been "jacked" these many generations, with Plymouth Rockers putting the hard cider barrel down into the ground to freeze, and ...

*: The potency of a jacked beverage depends on the temperature applied to the original beverage; the colder the liquor, the more water can be frozen out .... In New England, where this technique was historically used, people could get [[applejack]] to around 30 percent alcohol ....

: Someone jacked my car last night!

*: An excellent piece of work, Wayne thought, so good in fact, he wasn’t surprised when Bailey walked to the plate and on the first pitch jacked the ball far into the parking lot outside the left-field fence for a tournament winning homerun.

*: Therefore, even though Vizquel is certainly not a power hitter, at times he will try to jack the ball, perhaps pulling it with just enough oomph to carry down the line for a homer.

*: Maybe he hung a curve ball to somebody and they jacked it out of the park on him and he wasn’t upset about it.

*: Their horsemen are with jacks for most part clad.

*: Bye or boye: Bostio.

*: The [[streets|stretes]] of the [[city|citie]] [[shall|shal]][[be]] full of [[young|yonge]] boyes and [[damsels|damselles]]...

*: I find I was mistaken in the sex, tis a boy.

*: Ah! happy years! once more who would not be a boy?

*: "He is not quite a baby, Alfred," said Ellen, "though he is only a big stupid boy. We have made him miserable enough. Let us leave him alone."

*: My only boy fell by the side of great Dundee.

*: Dost thou call me fool, boy?

*: [[the|þe]] boye hit scholde abugge; Horn [[threw|þreu]] him [[over|ouer]] [[the|þe]] brigge.

*: ‘Why does he go out and pinch all his dogs in person? Hes an administrator, isnt he? Wouldnt he hire a boy or something?’
‘We call them “staff”,’ Roger replies.

*: I resolved to continue in the Cave, with my two Servants, my Maid, and a Boy, whom I had brought from France.

*: My Boy Stephen Grauener.

*: They picked out two of the strongest of the Boys (as they call the Men) about the place.

*: The blacks who work on a station or farm are always, like the blacks in the Southern States, called boys.

*: [In Shanghai,] The register clerk assigns you to a room, and instead of ‘Front!’ he shouts ‘Boy!’

*: Aborigine Wally... described himself as ‘number one boy’ at the station.

*: If any water be rough and [[boisterous|boysterous]], or the [[channel|chanell]] [[very]]e [[broad]]e, it [[many]]e times [[drowns|drowneth]] the carriages and the boyes and [[now]]e and then [[slothful|slouthfull]] and lyther [[soldiers|souldiours]].

*: [[Gods blood|Godes plud]] [[kill|kil]] the boyes and the [[luggage|lugyge]],
Tis the [[arrantest|arrants]] [[piece|peece]] of [[knavery|knauery]]...

*: A [[Hottentot]]... expects to be called by his name if addressed by any one who knows it; and by those to whom it is not known he expects to be called Hottentot... or boy.

*: Every [[darky]], however old, is a boy.

*: [In Alabama,] Guards still use the term ‘boy’ to refer to Black prisoners.

*: BN: [repeating a catchphrase] I like the boy.
MA: [to hostile audience] Hold it, hold it, hold it. Easy. Did you say ‘Roy’ or ‘boy’?
BN: ‘I like the boy’. Theres nothing wrong with saying that... Hang on, hang on, hang on... Ill change religion, Ill do anything for ya, I dont bloody care... Whats wrong with saying that? ‘I like the boy’?
MA: Boy...
BN: I mean, I like the man. Im sorry, Muhammad.

: Cmere, boy! Good boy! Whos a good boy?

*: Wounded... 1 Boy, 1st class, severely.

*: He joined the Navy as a boy second class in 1898.

: ux|en|Boy, that was close!

: ux|en|Boy, that tastes good!

: ux|en|Boy, I wish I could go to Canada!

: ux|en|Dont boy me!

*: I shall see some squeaking Cleopatra boy my greatness.

: So we were at the mall and these two dudes just walk up to us and say "hi".

: Dude, Id be careful around the principal, hes having a bad day.

: Watch it, dude - you almost knocked me over.

*:“Why don’t you be a nob at once,” cried Tompkins, “and have a pair of black silk stockin’s to go in!”

*:“Black silk stockin’s! I ain’t got none. I never had a pair in my life!”

*:“You can get a pair, can’t you?”

*:“What’ll they stand me in?”

*:“Oh, not much! But what’s the hodds to you?”

*:“But shan’t I look a guy?”

*:“Not a bit of it. Jist the very kick! You don’t ought to go in tops now yer son is sich a gen’elman. Have a pair, and look a leetle matters like his father.”

*:I am always a perfect guy, whatever I wear, when I sit against a red curtain. You mean say that a woman always knows when she’s good-looking, but I am happy to say I know when I look a guy.

*: And the lady from the provinces, who dresses like a guy,

*: And who “doesn’t think she dances, but would rather like to try”;

*: And that singular anomaly, the lady novelist —

*: I don’t think she’d be missed — I’m sure she’d not be missed!

: A new guy started at the office today.

: Jane considers that guy to be very good looking.

: I wonder what those guys are doing with that cat?

: The dogs left foreleg was broken, poor little guy.

: This guy, here, controls the current, and this guy, here, measures the voltage.

: Hey, guy, give a man a break, would ya?

*: Swift and other satirists mercilessly guyed the unlettered self-importance of the peddlars of such soul-food, exposing their humility and self-laceration as an egregious and obnoxious form of self-advertisement (sexcuser, cest saccuser).

*: Terry Kilmartin [...], applauded for every ‘um’ and ‘ah’, knew that he was being guyed and had the charm to make it funny.

: Who are those guys?

: Hi guys!

*: the fellows of his crime

*: We are fellows still, / Serving alike in sorrow.

*: That enormous engine was flanked by two fellows almost of equal magnitude.

*: Carried somehow, somewhither, for some reason, on these surging floods, were these travelers, of errand not wholly obvious to their fellows, yet of such sort as to call into query alike the nature of their errand and their own relations.

*: Worth makes the man, and want of it, the fellow.

*: It is impossible that ever Rome / Should breed thy fellow.

*: When they be but heifers of one year,...they are let go to the fellow and breed.

*: This was my glove; here is the fellow of it.

*: ‘Therell be about ten girls,’ speculated Rollo, as he drove to the function, ‘and I suppose four fellows, unless the Wrotsleys bring their cousin, which Heaven forbid.’

*: She seemed to be a good sort of fellow.

*: The door flew open, and there was a bloke with spectacles on his face and all round the spectacles an expression of strained anguish. A bloke with a secret sorrow.

*: She messed around with a bloke named Smoky.

*: It was a Cockney bloke who had never seen a cow till he came inside. Cragg said it took some blokes like that, and city fellows are the worse.

*: As her current bloke was turning out better than expected, I didnt see much of her lately.

*: ‘The Bloke’ is a certain kind of Australian or New Zealand male. ... The Classic Bloke is not a voluble beast. His speech patterns are best described as infrequent but colorful. ... ¶ The Bloke is pragmatic rather than classy. ... ¶ Most of all, the Bloke does not whinge.

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