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: Three cool chicks / Are walking down the street / Swinging their hips — song "Three Cool Cats" by [[wikipedia:Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller|Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller]]

: rfquotek|Chalmers

: Ducks and sparrows are birds.

*: The level below this is called the Phylum; birds belong to the Phylum Chordata, which includes all the vertebrate animals (the sub-phylum Vertebrata) and a few odds and ends.

*: He once took in his own mother, and was robbed by a pal, who thought he was a doctor. Oh, hes a rare bird is Gentleman Joe!

*: The door opened and a tall hungry-looking bird with a cane and a big nose came in neatly, shut the door behind him against the pressure of the door closer, marched over to the desk and placed a wrapped parcel on the desk.

*: "Ah, hes a funny bird," said Phaedra, throwing a leg over the sill.

*: And by my word! the bonny bird / In danger shall not tarry.

*: The usual visual grammar was in place – a carpet in the street, people in paddocks awaiting a brush with something glamorous, blokes with earpieces, birds in frocks of colliding colours that if sighted in nature would indicate the presence of poison.

: Mike went out with his bird last night.

*: Deployment of the fourth bird "should ensure that Inmarsat has sufficient capacity in orbit in the early 1990s, taking into account the possibility of launch failures and the age of some of the spacecraft in the Inmarsat first generation system

*: Will a government- backed APSTAR satellite knock out a planned AsiaSat II bird?

*: In reality, the Air Force was never able to place a bird in orbit that quickly.

*: That ungentle gull, the cuckoos bird.

*: The brydds [birds] of the aier have nestes.

: rfquotek|Ben Jonson

: He’s doing bird.

*: For whatever reason — and there are so many to chose from — they flipped the bird in the direction of the tinted windows of the Bushmobile.

*: Then she raised both hands above her shoulders and flipped him the bird with each one.

: Dont Touch My Bird.

*: I certainly dont consider myself a twink; however it seems that anyone who doesnt agree with anothers point of view is automatically labelled as such.

*: You will not find any stock. You will not find any easy mobs. You will not find any +100 dam big swords of I win. You will not find twink mudders. You will not hear about how Jim the Kewl dOOd scored last night at his sisters birthday party. You will not find bots.

*: ... she’d decided the wrapping paper was too feminine. It had a viney pattern that wasn’t anything sissier than you’d see in the old Arabian Nights illustrations. But Richard might think they were flowers.

: three feet broad

: the broad expanse of ocean

*: broad and open day

*: a broad mixture of falsehood

*: The words in the Constitution are broad enough to include the case.

*: in a broad, statesmanlike, and masterly way

: a broad hint

*: as broad and general as the casing air

: a broad compliment; a broad joke; broad humour

: Who was that broad I saw you with?

: rfquotek|Knight

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