höyry englanniksi   steam fi, evaporation fi, fume fi


: After three weeks in bed he was finally able to sit up under his own steam.

: Dad had to go outside to blow off some steam.

*: a steam of rich, distilled perfumes

: to steam wood or cloth

*: My brothers ghost hangs hovering there, / Oer his warm blood, that steams into the air.

*: The dissolved amber ... steamed away into the air.

: It really steams me to see her treat him like that.

: With all the heavy breathing going on the windows were quickly steamed in the car.

: We steamed around the Mediterranean.

*: The vessel steamed out of port.

: If he heard of anyone picking the fruit he would steam off and lecture them.

: rfquotek|Spenser

*: He vapoured, and fretted, and fumed, and trotted up and down, and tried to make himself pleasing in Miss Holliss big, quiet, grey eyes, and failed.

: Dont stand around in there breathing the fumes while the adhesive cures.

*: the fumes of new shorn hay

: Lead fume is a greyish powder, mainly comprising lead sulfate.

: the fumes of passion

: rfquotek|South

*: a show of fumes and fancies

*: to smother him with fumes and eulogies

*: where the golden altar fumed

*: Silenus lay, / Whose constant cups lay fuming to his brain.

: Hes still fuming about the argument they had yesterday.

*: He frets, he fumes, he stares, he stamps the ground.

*: Her mother did fret, and her father did fume.

*: Keep his brain fuming.

*: Their parts are kept from fuming away by their fixity.

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