haitta englanniksi   disadvantage, drawback, demerit, hindrance, con, ward, tumbler, handicap, harm


: The disadvantage to owning a food processor is that you have to store it somewhere.

: My height is a disadvantage for reaching high shelves.

*: I was brought here under the disadvantage of being unknown by sight to any of you.

*: Abandoned by their great patron, the faction henceforward acted at disadvantage.

*: They would throw a construction on his conduct, to his disadvantage before the public.

: They fear it might disadvantage honest participants to allow automated entries.

*: For London to have its own exclusive immigration policy would exacerbate the sense that immigration benefits only certain groups and disadvantages the rest. It would entrench the gap between London and the rest of the nation. And it would widen the breach between the public and the elite that has helped fuel anti-immigrant hostility.

: Poor fuel economy is a common drawback among larger vehicles.

*: They see no merit or demerit in any man or any action.

*: Secure, unless forfeited by any demerit or offense.

*: A few of you have followed in the path of the perfect West Point graduate, Robert E. Lee, who never received a single demerit in four years. Some of you followed in the path of the imperfect graduate, Ulysses S. Grant, who had his fair share of demerits, and said the happiest day of his life was "the day I left West Point." (Laughter.)

*: By many benefits and demerits whereby they obliged their adherents, [they] acquired this reputation.

*: You hold that every sin is an infinite evil, demeriting endless punishment.

*: If I have demerited any love or thanks.

*: Faith by her own dignity and worthiness doth not demerit justice and righteousness; but receiveth and embraceth the same offered unto us in the gospel ...

: High-heeled shoes may be fashionable, but they can also be a hindrance to walking.

: Your hindrance of this process will not be tolerated.

*: Fixedly did look / Upon the muddy waters which he conned / As if he had been reading in a book.

*: I did not come into Parliament to con my lesson.

*: The hawk rested on a crag of the gorge and conned the terrain with a fierce and frowning eye.

*: Of Muses Hobbinol, I conne no skill

: pros and cons

*: no gate they found, them to withhold, / Nor ward to wait at morne and euening late [...].

*: the best ward of mine honour

*: The assieged castles ward / Their steadfast stands did mightily maintain.

*: For want of other ward, / He lifted up his hand, his front to guard.

*: Before the dore sat selfe-consuming Care, / Day and night keeping wary watch and ward, / For feare least Force or Fraud should vnaware / Breake in...

*: So forth the presoners were brought before Arthure, and he commaunded hem into kepyng of the conestabyls warde, surely to be kepte as noble presoners.

*: I must attend his majestys command, to whom I am now in ward.

*: It is also inconvenient, in Ireland, that the wards and marriages of gentlemens children should be in the disposal of any of those lords.

*: Thou knowest my old ward; here I lay, and thus I bore my point.

*: Diocletian...must certainly have derived some consolation from the grandeur of Aspalaton, the great arcaded wall it turned to the Adriatic, its four separate wards, each town size, and its seventeen watch-towersnb....

*: With the castle so crowded, the outer ward had been given over to guests to raise their tents and pavilions, leaving only the smaller inner yards for training.

: ux|en|On our last visit to Tokyo, we went to Chiyoda ward and visited the Emperors palace.

*: Throughout the trembling city placed a guard, / Dealing an equal share to every ward.

: ux|en|After the trial, little Robert was declared a ward of the state.

*: A man must thorowly sound himselfe, and dive into his heart, and there see by what wards or springs the motions stirre.

*: The lock is made...more secure by attaching wards to the front, as well as to the back, plate of the lock, in which case the key must be furnished with corresponding notches.

*: With the help of a wire, however, they forced round the key. Even without the lens you will perceive, by the scratches on this ward, where the pressure was applied.

*: Whose gates he found fast shut, no living wight / To ward the same.

*: Tell him it was a hand that warded him / From a thousand dangers.

*: they went to seeke their owne death, and rushed amidst the thickest of their enemies, with an intention, rather to strike, than to ward themselves.

*: Now wards a felling blow, now strikes again.

*: The pointed javelin warded off his rage.

*: It instructs the scholar in the various methods of warding off the force of objections.

*: They for vs fight, they watch and dewly ward, / And their bright Squadrons round about vs plant [...].

*: "You dont think its too early?" said the Captain.

*: "You and your liver must decide that between you," I replied.

*: "Im practically a teetotaller," he said, as he poured himself out a good half-tumbler of Canadian Club.

: ux|en|Age is often a handicap.

*: Captain Edward Carlisle...felt a curious sensation of helplessness seize upon him as he met her steady gaze,nb...; he could not tell what this prisoner might do. He cursed the fate which had assigned such a duty, cursed especially that fate which forced a gallant soldier to meet so superb a woman as this under handicap so hard.

: ux|en|The older boy won, even though his opponent had been granted a handicap of five meters.

: ux|en|A handicap in chess often involves removal of the queens rook.

: rfquotek|Samuel Pepys

: The candidate was heavily handicapped.

: Grandpa Andy would buy the racing form the day ahead of time so he could handicap the race before he even arrived at the track.

*: We, ignorant of ourselves, / Beg often our own harms.

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