halkaista englanniksi   rip fi, burst fi, split fi, cleave fi, thwart fi


*: Rhythmic beaches consist of a rhythmic longshore bar that narrows and deepens when the rip crosses the breaker, and in between broadens, shoals and approaches the shore. It does not, however, reach the shore, with a continuous rip feeder channel feeding the rips to either side of the bar.

*: Undertows (or ‘rips’) are the main problem. If you find yourself being carried out by a rip, the important thing to do is just keep afloat; don?t panic or try to swim against the rip, which will exhaust you. In most cases the current stops within a couple of hundred metres of the shore and you can then swim parallel to the shore for a short way to get out of the rip and make your way back to land.

*: Given that a large number of all rescues conducted by Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) occur in rips (a rip being a relatively narrow, seaward moving stream of water), this is critical surf-safety information (Surf Life Saving Australia, 2005).

: to rip a garment; to rip up a floor

: My shirt ripped when it caught on a bramble.

: When I kissed him, he ripped off his clothes.

*: Hell rip the fatal secret from her heart.

*: On 18 November 1987 a horrific flash fire ripped through the escalators and ticket hall of Kings Cross tube station, killing thirty people.

*: opensource is a double-edged sword. while you have a chance of people using and improving on the code, you will also have the chance of lamers ripping it.

*: ...an old demo by some bods called "kellogs and donovan" which had ripped graphics from the game "Barbarian"...

*: They ripped up all that had been done from the beginning of the rebellion.

*: For brethren to debate and rip up their falling out in the ear of a common enemy ... is neither wise nor comely.

*: If there were, in clubs and places where men talk, unpleasant rumours as to himself he preferred it to be thought that he was the rip, not his wife the strumpet.

: The bursts of the bombs could be heard miles away.

: ux|en|I blew the balloon up too much, and it burst.

: ux|en|I burst the balloon when I blew it up too much.

*: You will not pay for the glasses you have burst?

*: He burst his lance against the sand below.

: ux|en|I printed the report on formfeed paper then burst the sheets.

*: He entered Maromme shouting for the people of the inn, burst open the door with a thrust of his shoulder, made for a sack of oats, emptied a bottle of sweet cider into the manger, and again mounted his nag, whose feet struck fire as it dashed along.

*: Like hungry dogs who have sniffed their meat, the mob bursts in, trampling down the women who sought to bar the entrance with their bodies.

: to burst a hole through the wall

: Republicans appear split on the centerpiece of Mr. Obamas economic recovery plan.

: 10\frac{3}{16} is a split quotation.

: He’s got a nasty split.

: In the 3000m race, his 800m split was 1:45.32

: ux|en|He has split his lip.

*: a huge vessel of exceeding hard marble split asunder by congealed water

: ux|en|We split the money among three people.

: ux|en|Lets split this scene and see if we can find a real party.

: ux|en|Did you hear Dick and Jane split? Theyll probably get a divorce.

*: The ship splits on the rock.

*: Each had a gravity would make you split.

: rfquotek|Thackeray

: ux|en|Boston split with Philadelphia in a doubleheader, winning the first game 3-1 before losing 2-0 in the nightcap.

: The wings cleaved the foggy air.

*: O Hamlet, thou hast cleft my heart in twain.

: The truck cleaved a path through the ice.

: ux|en|The police thwarted the would-be assassin.

: ux|en|Our plans for a picnic were thwarted by the thunderstorm.

*: lang|en|The Under?tanding and Will never di?agreed; for the Propo?als of the one never thwarted the Inclinations of the other.

*: The film ends with the colorful deaths of Nicos enemies after he thwarts their attempts to assassinate a U.S. Senator investigating ties between drug dealers and the CIA.

: ux|en|An arrow thwarts the air.

*: Swift as a shooting star / In autumn thwarts the night.

: A well made doughout canoe rarely needs a thwart.

: The fisherman sat on the aft thwart to row.

*: Moved contrary with thwart obliquities.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: rfquotek|Milton

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