hallo englanniksi   hey de, hallo en, hello de, hi de, cheerio de


: Hey, look at this!

: Hey! Stop that!

: Hey! This is new!

: Hey! Hows it going?

: Hey? Hows that?

: The chorus is "nana na na, nana na na hey hey hey, goodbye".

*: It sounds like a sum in the rule of three. The answer should give us the — But hallo! here are the accredited representatives of the law.

: ux|en|Hello, everyone.

: ux|en|Hello? How may I help you?

: ux|en|Hello? Is anyone there?

: ux|en|You just tried to start your car with your cell phone. Hello?

: ux|en|Hello! What’s going on here?

*: I had to traipse around somewhat, helloing people and being helloed, before I spotted my mother and my father, sharing shade and a spread blanket with Pete and Marie Reese and Toussaint Rennie near the back of the park.

: ux|en|Hi, how are you?

: ux|en|I just dropped by to say “hi”.

: Get hi-quality videos here!

: I didnt even get a hi.

*: The man who has gone around the cocktail circuit pounding cheerios to the end of time did not come in here and open his mouth once on the Bill.

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