hankala englanniksi   challenging fi, intractable fi, awkward fi, tricky fi, difficult fi, cumbersome fi, troublesome fi, tough fi, irksome fi, unwieldy fi


*: There are always sincere challengings of the findings, always the objections (sincere in another sense) of those whose interests seem threatened.

*: Than groned the knyght for his grymme woundis, and gyrdis to Sir Gawayne and awkewarde hym strykes, and...kut thorow a vaynenb....

: John was awkward at performing the trick. Hell have to practice to improve.

: That was an extremely awkward moment. Everyone was watching.

: An awkward silence had fallen.

: Im very awkward at parties.

: Things get very awkward whenever 60-year old men use [[cheesy]] [[pick-up line]]s on me.

: Hes a right awkward chap.

: These cabinets are going to be very awkward when we move.

: They were in a tricky situation.

: A tricky salesman can sell anything.

*: There is not the strength or courage left me to venture into the wide, strange, and difficult world, alone.

*: In adults, the same kind of anger has been studied in people trying to solve a very difficult math problem. Though the tough math problem is very frustrating, there is an active attempt to solve the problem and meet the goal.

: ux|en|Stop being difficult and eat your broccoli—you know its good for you.

: rfquotek|Sir W. Temple

: Cumbersome machines can endanger operators and slow down production.

: A slaves work was as cumbersome as toiling on the fields, or in the mines.

: The computer has been very troublesome for me. It never works when I need to use it.

: The tent, made of tough canvas, held up to many abuses.

: To soften a tough cut of meat, the recipe suggested simmering it for hours.

: Only a tough species will survive in the desert.

: He had a reputation as a tough negotiator.

: A bunch of the tough boys from the wrong side of the tracks threatened him.

: This is a tough crowd.

: If you dont like it, tough!

: They were doing fine until they encountered a bunch of toughs from the opposition.

: He has this irksome habit of racing up to red lights, so he has to brake heavily.

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