harhauttaa englanniksi   divert fi, equivocate fi, pervert fi, feint fi, startle fi, mislead fi, sell fi, bewilder fi


: The workers diverted the stream away from the road.

*: that crude apple that diverted Eve

: Dont let him divert your attention; keep your eye on the ball.

*: We are amused by a tale, diverted by a comedy.

: I diverted to see one of the princes palaces. — Evelyn.

: All that Garnet had to say for him was that he supposed he meant to equivocate. -[[w:Edward Stillingfleet|Edward Stillingfleet]].

: He equivocated his vow by a mental reservation. -[[w:George Buck|George Buck]].

: Those perverts were trying to spy on us while we changed clothes!

*: Lets follow him, and pervert the present wrath.

*: He, in the serpent, had perverted Eve.

: pervert ones words

: rfquotek|Testament of Love

*: Dressed up into any feint appearance of it.

*: Courtleys letter is but a feint to get off.

: ux|en|a horse that startles easily

*: Why shrinks the soul / Back on herself, and startles at destruction?

*: The supposition, at least, that angels do sometimes assume bodies need not startle us.

*: Nothing could startle her, make her scold or make her cry. She did not complain, she did not rebel.

: rfquotek|Clarendon

: The preacher elaborated Satans ways to mislead us into sin

*: If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor.

: ux|en|Ill sell you all three for a hundred dollars.   Sorry, Im not prepared to sell.

: ux|en|This old stock will never sell.   The corn sold for a good price.

: ux|en|My boss is very old-fashioned and Im having a lot of trouble selling the idea of working at home occasionally.

: This is going to be a tough sell.

*: "Of course a miracle may happen, and you may be a great painter, but you must confess the chances are a million to one against it. Itll be an awful sell if at the end you have to acknowledge youve [[make a hash of|made a hash of]] it."

: rfquotek|Fairfax

*: turning to that place, in which whyleare / He left his loftie steed with golden sell, / And goodly gorgeous barbes, him found not theare [...].

: ux|en|All the different possible options may bewilder us.

*: She wakened in sharp panic, bewildered by the grotesquerie of some half-remembered dream in contrast with the harshness of inclement fact, drowsily realising that since she had fallen asleep it had come on to rain smartly out of a shrouded sky.

: ux|en|Dont push me into that maze and bewilder me.

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