harjoitella englanniksi   intern fi, practice fi, rehearse fi, train fi, exercise fi, drill fi


: The US government interned thousands of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

: The Swiss government interned the Italian soldiers who had strayed onto Swiss territory.

: Ill be interning at Universal Studios this summer.

: rfquotek|Howell

: He will need lots of practice with the lines before he performs them.

: Being on a team is hard: youre always having to go to practice while everyone else is taking it easy.

: I have choir practice every Sunday after church.

: She ran a thriving medical practice.

: It is the usual practice of employees there to wear neckties only when meeting with customers.

: It is good practice to check each door and window before leaving.

: That may work in theory, but will it work in practice?

: This firm of solicitors is involved in family law practice.

*: He sought to have that by practice which he could not by prayer.

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

: You should practice playing piano every day.

: If you want to speak French well, you need to practice.

: They gather to practice religion every Saturday.

: She practiced law for forty years before retiring.

: Theres no need to rehearse the same old argument; weve heard it before, and we all agree.

: The witness rehearsed the events of the night before for the listening detectives.

: The lawyer advised her client to rehearse her testimony before the trial date.

: The director rehearsed the cast incessantly in the days leading up to opening night, and as a result they were tired and cranky when it arrived.

*: He has been rehearsed by Madame Defarge as to his having seen her.

: ux|en|Unfortunately, the leading bridesmaid stepped on the brides train as they were walking down the aisle.

*: They called each other by their Christian name, were always arm in arm when they walked, pinned up each others train for the dance, and were not to be divided in the set [...].

*: Lace sleeves, a demure neckline, a full skirt and a relatively modest train.

*: A party was sent to search, and there they found all the powder ready prepared, and, moreover, a man with a lantern, one Guy Fawkes, who had undertaken to be the one to set fire to the train of gunpowder, hoping to escape before the explosion.

*: Sir, I invite your Highness and your train / To my poor cell, where you shall take your rest /For this one night

*: Grace was glad the citizenry did not know Katherine Gordon was in the kings train, but she was beginning to understand Henrys motive for including the pretenders wife.

: ux|en|Our party formed a train at the funeral parlor before departing for the burial.

*: A man may be absorbed in the deepest thought, and his brow will remain smooth until he encounters some obstacle in his train of reasoning, or is interrupted by some disturbance, and then a frown passes like a shadow over his brow.

*: "Where was I?" he asked several times during the lunch, losing his train of thought.

: ux|en|The train will pull in at midday.

*: This winter we thought wed go to Venice by train, for the adventure.

*: Then Swooney agreed, "Yeah, lets run a train up the fat cunt."

*: “You want us to run a train on you?”

*: We eventually began to decide that with the endless supply of men we had there was no need to only run trains, or gangbang, the insatiables.

: ux|en|She trained seven hours a day to prepare for the Olympics.

*: The warrior horse here bred hes taught to train.

: ux|en|You cant train a pig to write poetry.

: ux|en|I trained with weights all winter.

: ux|en|The assassin had trained his gun on the minister.

: ux|en|The [[vine]] had been trained over the [[pergola]].

*: He trained the young branches to the right hand or to the left.

*: I got a twix on the 128 version being fixed and trained by Mad Max at M2K BBS 208-587-7636 in Mountain Home Idaho. He fixes many games and puts them on his board. One of my sources for games and utils.

*: In hollow cube / Training his devilish enginery.

*: If but a dozen French / Were there in arms, they would be as a call / To train ten thousand English to their side.

*: O, train me not, sweet mermaid, with thy note.

*: This feast, Ill gage my life, / Is but a plot to train you to your ruin.

*: Thou hast been trained from thy post by some deep guile — some well-devised stratagem — the cry of some distressed maiden has caught thine ear, or the laughful look of some merry one has taken thine eye.

*: In the meane time, through that false Ladies traine / He was surprisd, and buried under beare, / Ne ever to his worke returnd againe [...].

: ux|en|The teacher told us the next exercise is to write an essay.

*: desire of knightly exercise

*: an exercise of the eyes and memory

*: This new-comer was a man who in any company would have seemed striking....He was smooth-faced, and his fresh skin and well-developed figure bespoke the man in good physical condition through active exercise, yet well content with the worlds apportionment.

*: exercise of the important function confided by the constitution to the legislature

*: O we will walk this world, / Yoked in all exercise of noble end.

*: Lewis refused even those of the church of England...the public exercise of their religion.

*: to draw him from his holy exercise

*: Patience is more oft the exercise / Of saints, the trial of their fortitude.

: ux|en|to exercise troops or horses;  to exercise ones brain with a puzzle

: ux|en|I exercise at the gym every day.

: ux|en|The tenant exercised its option to renew the tenancy.

: ux|en|She is going to exercise her right to vote.

*: The people of the land have used oppression and exercised robbery.

: ux|en|exercised with pain

*: Where pain of unextinguishable fire / Must exercise us without hope of end.

*: Herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offence.

*: Little disappointed, then, she turned attention to "Chat of the Social World," gossip which exercised potent fascination upon the girls intelligence.

: Drill a small hole to start the screw in the right direction.

: They drilled daily to learn the routine exactly.

: The sergeant was up by 6:00 every morning, drilling his troops.

*: He [Frederic the Great] drilled his people, as he drilled his grenadiers.

: The instructor drilled into us the importance of reading the instructions.

: Drill deeper and you may find the underlying assumptions faulty.

*: He did get their attention when he drilled the ball dead center into the hole for an opening birdie.

*: Without compromising he drilled the ball home, leaving Dynamos ill-fated keeper diving for fresh air.

*: Is this going to take long? Ive got a hot date to drill the flautist at the symphony tonight.

: waters drilled through a sandy stratum

: rfquotek|Thomson

*: She drilled him on to five-and-fifty, and will drop him in his old age ...

*: This accident hath drilled away the whole summer.

: ux|en|Wear safety glasses when operating an electric drill.

: ux|en|Use a drill with a wire brush to remove any rust or buildup.

: ux|en|Regular fire drills can ensure that everyone knows how to exit safely in an emergency.

*: Springs through the pleasant meadows pour their drills.

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