harppu englanniksi   harp fi, harpy fi, hag fi


: ux|en|Why do you harp on a single small mistake? (US)

: ux|en|Why do you harp on about a single small mistake? (UK)

: ux|en|Thou harped my fear aright. — Shakespeare.

*: Both table and provisions vanished quite,
With sound of harpies wings and talons heard.

:* quote-book|year=1927|year_published=2008|edition=HTML|editor=|author=Edgar Rice Burrows|title=The Outlaw of Torn|chapter=|url=http://www.gutenberg.org/files/369/369-h/369-h.htm|genre=|publisher=The Gutenberg Project|isbn=|page=|passage=But her most subtle wiles proved ineffectual in ridding her, even for a moment, of her harpy jailer...

*: The harpies about all pocket the pool.

*: [Silenus] that old hag.

: rfquotek|Crashaw

: rfquotek|Blount

*: This said, he led me over hoults and hags; / Through thorns and bushes scant my legs I drew.

: rfquotek|Dugdale

*: How are superstitious men hagged out of their wits with the fancy of omens.

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