hauta englanniksi   pit, grave, tomb


: ux|en|His circus job was the pits, but at least he was in show business.

: ux|en|I felt pain in the pit of my stomach.

*: Back to the infernal pit I drag thee chained.

*: He keepeth back his soul from the pit.

*: as fiercely as two gamecocks in the pit

: Exposure to acid rain pitted the metal.

: Are you ready to pit your wits against one of the worlds greatest puzzles?

*: For the 75 years since a district rebellion was put down, The Games have existed as an assertion of the Capital’s power, a winner-take-all contest that touts heroism and sacrifice—participants are called “tributes”— while pitting the districts against each other.

: One must pit a peach to make it ready for a pie.

*: I resolved to find all my pits good homes and to get out of the rescue and breeding business.

*: He had lain in the grave four days.

*: They reached the cemetery. The men went right down to a place in the grass where a grave was dug. They ranged themselves all round; and while the priest spoke, the red soil thrown up at the sides kept noiselessly slipping down at the corners.

*: He hath graven and digged up a pit.

*: Thou shalt take two [[onyx]] stones, and grave on them the names of the children of Israel.

*: This be the verse you grave for me / "Here he lies where he longs to be"

*: With gold men may the hearte grave.

*: O! may they graven in thy heart remain.

*: Lie full low, graved in the hollow ground.

*: An illiterate fool sits in a mans seat; and the common people hold him learned, grave, and wise.

*: The thicker the cord or string, the more grave is the note or tone.

*: As one dead in the bottom of a tomb.

*: I never told anyone about it. Youre the first, except Ivan, of course—Ivan knows everything. He knew about it long before you. But Ivans a tomb.

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