havre englanniksi   haven fr, oat sv, oats sv, harbour fr, oatmeal sv


*: what shipping and what ladings in our haven

*: their haven under the hill

: The oat stalks made good straw.

: The main forms of oat are [[meal]] and [[bran]].

: World trade in oat is increasing.

: The wild red oat is thought to be the ancestor of modern food oats.

: Oats are in the north corner of the farm.

: Usually oats is last in a rotation and does not get the fertilizer that other feed grains get.

: Oats is a heart-healthy breakfast food.

: Oats are good for you.

: The neighbourhood is a well-known harbour for petty thieves.

: The city has an excellent natural harbour.

: The docks, which once harboured tall ships, now harbour only petty thieves.

*: The bare suspicion made it treason to harbour the person suspected.

*: Let not your gentle breast harbour one thought of outrage.

: That scientist harbours the belief that God created humans.

: color panel|E5DECF

*: Boldly patterned textiles in oatmeal tones with a woven design in a strongly contrasting colour can be used alike for upholstery and as a wall hanging ...

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