herstellen englanniksi   put out de, produce de, fabricate de, manufacture de, machine de, establish de


: Jones recorded 15 put outs in the first half of the season.

: He was put out at the mere suggestion of misconduct.

: Don’t forget to put out the cat.

: The factory puts out 4000 units each day.

: Don’t put out your back trying to lift that.

: Be careful with those scissors, or youll put your eye out!

: They worked for days to put out the brushfire.

*: When I saw the coffin I knew that I was respited, for, as I judged, there was space between it and the wall behind enough to contain my little carcass; and in a second I had put out the candle, scrambled up the shelves, half-stunned my senses with dashing my head against the roof, and squeezed my body betwixt wall and coffin.

*: He had been going out with this girl — I think her name was Karol — for a couple of months... and she wouldnt put out for him... kept on saying no.

*: This Grosso dated this woman a couple of times, and then, when she wouldnt put out for him, he beat her up and forced her.

*: Along about Tuesday Uncle Cal put out for San Antone on the last wagonload of wool.

*: the greatest jurist his country had produced

*: At Rome the news from Ireland produced a sensation of a very different kind.

*: Many of these caterpillars have special glands that produce secretions which are very attractive to these ants.

*: For example, Mary Lou Morris, past president of the Environment Institute of Australia, has been her country?s delegate to a number of global environmental conferences and helped to produce the Australian National Heritage Charter.

*: The Agreement criminalizes end-user piracy and requires Australia to authorize the seizure, forfeiture, and destruction of counterfeit and pirated goods and the equipment used to produce them.

*: We discovered that they produce more than 2,000 megawatts from wind energy.

*: He had wanted to produce a wheat that was more suited to Australian conditions and was drought- and disease-resistant.

*: Besides, some of the rejected dimuons were produced in collisions downstream of the target region (in the beam dump or in the hadron absorber, for instance).

*: It was necessary for the prisoner to produce a witness to prove his innocency.

*: LDS security produced identification information, photographs, and videotape of an antiMormon preacher who they said called himself Emmanuel and was often seen around Temple Square, especially at conference time.

*: The plaintiff alleges that he was unlawfully detained at the airport by state troopers and threatened with arrest unless he produced identification and his travel documents.

*: David Tickle flew in to Melbourne to produce the quad-platinum (in Australia) LP “True Colors” and the triple gold single “I Got You”— both of which shot the band to international prominence.

*: In 1940, he co-wrote the script for Broken Strings, an independently produced film in which he starred as a concert violinist.

*: This beautifully produced film was introduced in 2003.

: to produce a side of a triangle

: to produce a mans life to threescore

: rfquotek|Sir Thomas Browne

*: All fruits, vegetables, and dairy and poultry-yard produce are, in the Australian capitals, dear, and of very easy sale.

*: Taking a retrospect, then, of fourteen years preceding 1860, and making two periods of seven years each, the value of the exports of the produce or manufactures of this country to Australia has been, for the annual average of the first seven years, 1846-52, 2½ millions sterling; while for the second period, 1856-59, the annual average has been 11 millions.

*: While it is true that New Zealand?s economic stake in the region [of Oceania] remained relatively small when compared with the major markets for New Zealand produce in Australia, Asia, North America and Europe, it nevertheless remained the region through which trade must pass on its way to these larger markets.

*: A farm supervisor is employed to coordinate the planting and harvesting of produce by volunteers.

: to fabricate a bridge or ship

: to fabricate computer chips

: to fabricate a lie or story

*: The roads are crowded with carriers, laden with rich manufactures.

*: Our lawgivers take special pride in the ever active manufacture of new bills and laws.

: to manufacture wool into blankets

: ux|en|I called you earlier, but all I got was the machine.

: ux|en|Game developers assume theyre pushing the limits of the machine.

: ux|en|Bruce Campbell was a "demon-killing machine" because he made quick work of killing demons.

: ux|en|The government has become a money-making machine.

*: The whole machine of government ought not to bear upon the people with a weight so heavy and oppressive.

: rfquotek|Addison

*: But with thee will I establish my covenant; and thou shalt come into the ark, thou, and thy sons, and thy wife, and thy sons wives with thee.

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