heureusement englanniksi   happily fr, gladly fr, luckily fr, fortunately fr


*: And who knoweth whether a thousand yeares hence a third opinion will rise, which happily shall overthrow these two precedents?

*: And thus I have given the first part of a life of fortune and adventure, a life of Providences chequer-work, and of a variety which the world will seldom be able to shew the like of: beginning foolishly, but closing much more happily than any part of it ever gave me leave to much as to hope for.

*: As a political system democracy seems to me extraordinarily foolish, but I would not go out of my way to protest against it. My servant is, so far as I am concerned, welcome to as many votes as he can get. I would very gladly make mine over to him if I could.

: Would you like a beer?

: Gladly, thank you.

: They [[luckily]] escaped [[injury]].

: Fortunately, Sams pet hamster was not dead.

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